Department of Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources handles all procedures involving job openings and hiring processes and offers employees at the University of Kassel guidance, consultation and support during their employment.

Additionally, the Department of Human Resources offers a comprehensive training program for professional development and a healthcare portal with numerous offers and helpful tips.

Office address
Universität Kassel 
Department of Human Resources
Mönchebergstraße 19
34125 Kassel  
Postal address
Universität Kassel 
Department of Human Resources
34109 Kassel

Department Head

Barbara Teppe-Rest (temporary)
Phone: +49 561 804 - 2181
E-mail: personalleitung[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Office Assistant

Sarah Khod
Phone: +49 561 804 - 2183
E-mail: pvabt3[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Most of the subpages are currently only in German.

Personnel Management

The civil servants team is responsible for appointment procedures, all personnel matters involving civil servants, education personnel, and teachers delegated from teaching to special functions as well as business travel management.

The employee and assistant staff team is responsible for all personnel matters involving employees including student, academic and research assistants.

Job placement and personnel controlling

The HR management accounting and job placement team is responsible for job openings, job finances, position planning and maintaining and finalizing contracts involving guest lectures and teaching positions as well as consultation and service contracts.

Organization, Vocational Training and Health

The team of the group "organisation, vocational education and health " takes care of all matters concerning the regulations on the organisation and procedures, health and addiction prevention and training.

Colleagues from our motor pool, central post office and central filing department are happy to help with their services.