Hochschulbezügestelle (Payroll Office)

The Hochschulbezügestelle (Payroll Office) assumes the function as employer for the Hessian universities in relation to their employees for:

  • Calculation and payment of remuneration
  • Data transfer in connection with the Retirement Assets Act (Altersvermögensgesetz)
  • Capital Accumulation Act (VL)
  • Company pension plan (ATV via VBL)

For child benefits, please contact the Bundesagentur für Arbeit

Office address
Universität Kassel
Rudolf-Schwander-Straße 12
34117 Kassel

E-mail: bhf[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
Postal adress
Universität Kassel
34109 Kassel

Department Head

Susanne Rohde
Phone: +49 561 804 - 7802
E-mail: rohde[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Internal organization

Phone: +49 561 804 - 7800
E-mail: bhf-orga[at]uni-kassel[dot]de