Complaints Office for Staff

The University of Kassel sees itself as a gender-equal, family-friendly, open, inclusive, and intercultural university that understands the diversity of its members as a productive resource, prevents discrimination based on personal and social characteristics, and strives to create a conducive and motivating working environment for both employees and students.

It stands for a view of people and society that combines diversity and equality. It values cooperation based on trust and respectful and appreciative interaction. The University of Kassel is committed to ensuring that no person is disadvantaged within university life, in particular on the basis of gender, ethnic or social origin, appearance, age, disability or illness, sexual orientation or gender identity, religion or belief, or marital status.

Guideline for Protection against Discrimination and Sexualized Violence at the University of Kassel

With the guideline for protection against discrimination and sexualized violence at the University of Kassel, the prohibitions of discrimination of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) are to be applied towards and for the benefit of all members and affiliates of the University of Kassel. The directive opens up a right of complaint for affected persons. It obliges the University of Kassel to take preventive measures and enables sanctioning measures.


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