Committees of the University of Kassel

Library Committee

The Library Committee advises the Presidential Board on all essential matters concerning the Kassel University Library and the Murhard Library.

Equal Opportunity Committee (GKom)

The Equal Opportunity Committee (GKom) provides advice and support on gender and diversity issues to the Presidential Board, the University Senate, the Women's and Equality Officer, and the University committees responsible for equal opportunity issues.

Information Management Committee (KIM)

The Information Management Committee, chaired by the University’s Chief Information Officer, advises and supports the Presidential Board concerning the strategic development of the University’s IT infrastructure and IT services.

Research Committee

The Research Committee advises the Presidential Board on matters of research support, development, and evaluation.

Case administration
Bettina Müller
Phone +49 561 804-2208

Committee for Ecological Sustainability (KöN) (dissolved 11/2021)

The Committee for Ecological Sustainability was dissolved in November 2021.

Committee for Strategic Human Resources and Organizational Development (KomPEO)

The Committee advises the Presidential Board on the strategic management of human resources and organizational development.

University Ethics Committee

The University of Kassel has established an Ethics Committee, which reviews planned research projects from an ethical point of view. In addition, the committee evaluates research risks relevant to safety. The committee supports researchers of all faculties and the School of Art and Design (except for the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Faculty of Social Sciences, which have established their own ethics committees).

Office of the University Ethics Committee
Mönchebergstr. 19
34125 Kassel

University Committee on Student Affairs

(Until 12/2020 Committee for the Allocation of Funds to Improve the Quality of Study Conditions and Teaching - VKomQSL)

The University Committee on Student Affairs prepares proposals to the Presidential Board regarding the allocation of project funding to improve the quality of study conditions and teaching, based on the relevant regulations and established procedures for these funds.

Internationalization Committee (ComInt)

The Internationalization Committee is a committee established by the University Senate and focuses on all relevant issues concerning internationalization at the University of Kassel.

Commission for Study and Teaching Affairs (KomSL)

The Senate Committee on Academic Affairs is responsible for the preparation of recommendations for the Senate regarding study and examination regulations. Furthermore, the committee acts as Evaluation Committee in accordance with § 5 of the University’s regulations for evaluation.

Committee for the Safeguarding of Good Scientific and Artistic / Creative Practice

The Committee for the Safeguarding of Good Scientific and Artistic / Creative Practice is responsible for reviewing suspected scientific misconduct in accordance with the regulations of the "Guidelines for Ensuring Good Research Practice at the University of Kassel".

Office of the Committee
Dr. Frederike C.A. Faupel

Phone: +49 561 804 7262