Equality Unit

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Equal opportunities for all are a core concern of the University of Kassel and an important foundation for its successful development. For us, working towards equality means that everyone contributes to ensuring that equal opportunities are created in all areas of studying, teaching, research and administration. Equality encompasses equal opportunities for all genders, creating a family-friendly environment as well as promoting diversity and eliminating discrimination. The Representatives for Women and Equalitiy support and advise the university, while the Equality Unit develops and coordinates programmes and concepts.


Equa­li­ty Unit
Mönchebergstr. 19
34109 Kassel
Phone: +49 561 804-2832 gleichstellung@uni-kassel.de

Gender Equality

The University of Kassel’s measures for achieving equal opportunities include improving career opportunities for women, mainstreaming gender equality into university culture, and education and training in the areas of gender equality and equal opportunities.

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“Diversity” means promoting plurality as a guiding principle for the university’s future development. This is done by increasing awareness of diversity among all members of the university and by offering support to specific target groups.

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Care Equality

The University of Kassel supports its staff and students in being able to better combine family care responsibilities with their studies, research and jobs. It is working on developing a family-friendly university and leadership culture.

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Gender-Inclusive Language

Language is more than a means of communication. It is an expression of awareness and it shapes the way we perceive the world. Language can exclude people and make them invisible, but it can also make people visible and empower them. Further information on the following websites explicitly refers to the German language, which is why they are only available in German. For information on the use of gender-sensitive language in English, see for instance the UN Women „Gender-inclusive language guidelines“.

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