Overview of important telephone numbers

Nationwide emergency numbers

Contact pointTelephone number
Police / Emergency call110
Fire department / rescue service112
Poison control center Hessen06131 19240


Buildings and technology

Contact pointTelephone number
Internal emergency number-2222
Central security service-2040
Service Desk Building-7777
Criminal cases House rules, harassment-3242


Note for emergency calls

  1. Where did it happen? Give the exact street, house number, name and possibly the floor.
  2. What has happened? Give a brief description of the emergency situation.
  3. How many people are injured? The control center will deploy personnel and vehicles based on this information.
  4. What injuries or symptoms do the people concerned have?
  5. Wait for further questions: The call is ended by the control center. Please do not hang up until all your questions have been answered.

Occupational safety, environmental protection, health promotion

Contact pointTelephone number
Occupational safety and environmental protection-3811
Waste disposal-2906, -3812
Occupational health care-2357, -3830
Company doctor (medial airport service)0561 701 659 346
Fire protection officer-2729
Health promotion-3988
Accident reports from employees-2357
Central chemical storage facility-4645

Representation of personnel interests

Contact pointTelephone number
Women's Representative-2268
Conflict counseling-2378
Staff Council-1840
Representative body for severely disabled employees-3676, -7117

All about studying

Contact pointTelephone number
Student Services-2205
Representative for Studies and Disability-2970
Psychosocial Counseling Student Services-2800
Student Services Head Office-2550
Accident reports from students-2800

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