Construction and Facilities Management

The university has a building stock of around 110 buildings spread over eight university locations. With its building and property-related tasks, the Department of Construction and Facilities Management supports the university's core business in teaching, research, studies, and continuing education.

Universität Kassel
Department of Construction and Facilities Management
Mönchebergstraße 19
34109 Kassel

Delivery address:
34125 Kassel

Phone +49 561 804-2488
Fax +49 561 804-7845


Our department offers a wide range of services for building and property management. These include classic janitorial services, cleaning services and relocation organization. Furthermore, the maintenance of open spaces, the handling of damage claims, burglary, theft and lost property as well as the allocation and leasing of rooms and parking spaces are part of the services offered.

The university builds

The University of Kassel has been in a phase of growth for many years. This is reflected both in the number of students and employees and in the development of building space. New buildings have been added, especially through the expansion of the Holländischer Platz campus to the north.
The employees of the department of construction, technology and real estate are responsible for the planning and construction management of new buildings, conversions and renovations.

Campus safety

The University of Kassel takes precautions for the safety of its students and members on the university campus. However, the University of Kassel is an open university - people can become victims of crime here just like anywhere else in the world. So that women and men who study and work at the University of Kassel can feel at home and safe, you will find information here on the subject of security.

Occupational safety and environmental protection

We are your central point of contact for all questions concerning occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as sustainable development at the University of Kassel.

Sustainability / energy efficiency in operation

Central coordination structures, a controlled sustainability process and the combination of organizational measures for sustainability development as well as technical and structural measures for the energy optimization of buildings and plant technology are intended to counteract the increasing consumption of resources of a growing university and to strive for the goal of a climate-neutral university.