New at the university

Onboarding and dual career

The Dual Career Service is primarily aimed at professors and managers, but also at academic staff and their families who face a wide range of challenges when taking up a new position.

Family Welcome

The Family Welcome Service offers support and advice to all employees of the university on issues relating to the compatibility of family and career.

Campus card and building access

The CampusCard serves as a library card, copy card, key card and is used for electronic time recording and as proof for the canteens. The CampusCard can be applied for online.

Building access: The CampusCard can be activated at the key depot upon presentation of an application. This allows you to enter the building outside of opening hours.

LandesTicket Hessen

All employees, civil servants, apprentices and trainees of the Hessian state administration receive the LandesTicket Hessen, which allows free travel on all Hessian public transport networks. The LandesTicket is personal and non-transferable.


You submit a request to the key depot for keys to be issued.
Please note that the application must be signed by the management. Collection only with a valid identity card.

Georg-Forster-Straße 7
Phone +49 561 804-2510
Opening hours: Mon - Thu: 10:00 - 12:00, 13:00-14:00, Fri: 10:00-12:00