First aid

First aid organization

First aid training information, first aid documentation, relaxation rooms, and a checklist/order form for first aid supplies.

Every event in which first aid was administered, i.e. even the smallest accident, must be recorded.

For documentation purposes, DGUV Information 204-021 "Reporting block" can be used in the former first aid booklet or also the documentation sheet for first aid. It is also possible to carry out the documentation electronically under suitable conditions. In any case, the records must be kept for at least 5 years (§ 24 Para. 6 DGUV Regulation 1).

Regardless of who makes the records, in any case it is data that must be secured against access by unauthorized persons. The documentation is personal data. The Basic Data Protection Regulation and the Federal Data Protection Act must be observed.

For every employee in the company, the documentation of first aid is important because it can be used as proof for the recognition of an occupational accident.

(Source: DGUV, First Aid Department)


Everybody has to give first aid within his possibilities!

Employees can take advantage of the offered opportunities to learn first aid free of charge.

First aid education and training

A first aider is a trained layperson who can be the first on the scene to initiate life-saving emergency measures in an emergency situation or accident. The university offers first-aider basic courses and refresher courses (training) as in-house training.

First aid courses in English are in preparation.

1. registration for first aid training and continuing education is done via the continuing education program. Here you will find dates, course description and registration form. Information on the training dates can also be found under "Dates".

2. the basic training and also the advanced training comprise in each case nine instruction units (UE) and are accomplished one-day.

3. within the scope of the first aid courses, the use of the defibrillators available at the university is also practiced.

You can also take basic first aid training or advanced training directly at ASB or at another authorized location. Registration for this takes place exclusively via:

First aid material

ATTENTION DIN 13157 and 13169 have changed. Please check your first aid kits!

First aid material includes plasters, bandages and other auxiliary material, e.g. scissors. The workplace guideline ASR A4.3 regulates how many first aid boxes must be available in companies.

Areas with a low risk of danger should have one first aid box, areas with a high risk of danger and a lot of personnel should have two small first aid boxes available.

The first aid boxes should be distributed locally so that the first aid box can be reached quickly by all. The storage locations should be clearly marked (white cross on green rectangular field). The occupational safety specialists will help determine the number of first aid boxes needed.

Professional supervisors are responsible for ensuring that first aid supplies are properly stocked. Generally, first aiders agree to check and fill first aid boxes.

First aid material sometimes has an expiration date. According to the Medizinproduktegesetz, it is prohibited under penalty of a fine to continue using this material after the expiration date.

First aid material without an expiration date only needs to be replaced if it becomes soiled or damaged and can be used for a very long time. However, experience has shown that this does not apply to plasters. Plasters in car first aid kits in particular should be replaced annually.

Acute, major injuries and accidents... should always be treated on site using the first aid kits available in the buildings and the in-house first aid network. In such cases, it is essential to call the emergency services by dialing 112. Injured persons should not be driven to the hospital by the first aider. This and further information can also be found in the instructions for use.

Where are the rest and relaxation rooms / first aid stations located?

University locationStreet / BuildingRoom
Heinrich-Plett-StraßeAVZ IR 0115
KunsthochschuleLecture Hall WingR -1618
Witzenhausen, Nordbhfstr.former school buildingR -1105
Wilhelmshöher AlleeEmilienstr. 41R 0606
 Pfannkuchstr. 1R 0340
DamaschkestraßeSports hallR 052
Murhard Librarycurrently still under reconstruction 
Holländischer PlatzHenschelstr. 4 (Info-Point)R 0105
 Diagonale 10 (university library)R 0443, currently not available
 Kurt-Wolters-Str. 3 (Ing-Wiss. I)R 0215
 Kurt-Wolters-Str. 5 (Humanities)R 0002
 Mönchebergstr. 5 (Ing.-Wiss. III)R 0613
 Moritzstr. 2 (LEO)R 1090
 Moritzstr. 18 (Campus Center)R 0118
 Universitätsplatz 9 (ASL)R -1116
 Mönchebergstr. 19 (K36)R 0500
Hochschul-BezügestelleRudolf-Schwander-Str. 12R 4120

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