Coaching and Consulting

Managers from science and administration constantly experience situations that are new to them and represent a special challenge. The University of Kassel would like to support its scientific and administrative managers individually with the following coaching and consulting services.

Definition Coaching

Coaching is a person oriented, goal oriented and interactive process in which coach and client work together on the client’s individual work-related questions and issues. The coach guides the process by inquiry, observation, and/or other interventions that support the client to define or revise her/his goals, develop individual solutions and make best use of her/his individual resources. While refraining from giving direct advise the coach encourages the client‘s self-reflection and –perception. Coaching is aimed at fostering awareness and responsibility in order to attain or improve the client’s self-regulation competencies. As a result of the coaching process new perspectives and ways of interpretation are inspired so that the client broadens his/her scope of action.

*Definition Coaching, Vgl. Rauen, Christopher (2021): Handbuch Coaching. Göttingen, Hogrefe.

Coaching for Professors holding a tenure track position (or equivalent)

People holding a tenure-track professorship or similar probational positions find themselves in a specially stressful period of their career track. On the one hand, they are integrated as full professors in all aspects of academic life including research, teaching, and academic self-government. On the other hand, they have to put special emphasis on their own professional development. In order to support these people especially in the initial phases of this career stage, the university offers individual coaching for all tenure track professors. This offer is in line with the national trend to systematically foster transparent career paths in academia. By implementing individual coaching for tenure track professors, the university at the same time responds to one of the needs that became apparent during the OrgKlima survey.
Individual Coaching is complemented by group and networking formats.
Coaching can be held in German or English.

Contact and registration:
Strategic Human Resources Development and Organizational Culture
E-Mail: juliane.friedrichs[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Career Coaching for Postdocs (R2)

Due to a rapidly changing working environment, an increase in diversification of job opportunities as well as hardly plannable academic careers, postdoctoral researchers (R2) experience an ever increasing need for professional orientation. As part of the University’s effort to systematically support the career development of R2 researchers the University offers individual career coaching for all R2 researchers. The career coaching aims at gaining clarity with regard to one’s career goals, developing a comprehensive estimation of one’s competencies as well as acquiring skills for actively shaping one’s own career. Career coaching is offered both in German and English.

Contact and registration:
Strategic Human Resources Development and Organizational Culture
E-Mail: juliane.friedrichs[at]uni-kassel[dot]de

Stages of an academic career
R1: First Stage Researcher (up to the point of PhD)
R2: Recognized Researcher (PhD holders or equivalent who are not yet fully independent)
R3: Established Researcher (researchers who have developed a level of independence)
R4: Leading Researcher (researchers leading their research area or field)