A. Veiga, T. Seidenschnur (2022) (Hrgs.): The Role of European Universities in an Age of Pandemic, CHEF Working Paper on University Reform, 37.

This working papers series is published by the Centre for Higher Education Futures (CHEF) at
the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. The series brings together work in progress
in Denmark and among an international network of scholars involved in research on universities
and higher education.
The current paper arises from a project, ‘European Universities – Critical Futures’, funded by the
Danish Research Council. The project addressed the question: What are the future roles of
universities in creating social and regional integration in Europe, in a shifting global context?
To do this, eight working groups formed with members from across Europe, each fostering a
learning community between early stage and more senior researchers, with the aims of
generating new research agendas and highlighting their policy implications. These working
groups covered Gender and Precarity in Academia, Alternative Conditions for Knowledge
Creation, Trust Beyond Metrics, Higher Education Access for Underrepresented Groups,
Changing Dynamics Between Administrators and Academics in European Universities, Refugee
Access to Higher Education, and Alternative Internationalisms. In addition, research teams in
eight countries formed to research the effects of the Covid19 pandemic on the future of higher
education, the results of which are reported in this working paper. This pandemic study was
coordinated by Amélia Veiga, University of Porto, Portugal and Tim Seidenschnur, Kassel
University, Germany. Statistical information on the eight countries’ higher education sectors was
compiled by Krystian Szadkowski, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland.


ISBN: 978-87-7684-475-2, Open Acces