The Future of the Post-Massified University at the Crossroads

Shin, Jung Cheol & Teichler, Ulrich (Hrsg.): The Future of the Post-Massified University at the Crossroads. Restructuring Systems and Functions. Dordrecht: Springer International Publishing (Knowledge Studies in Higher Education, 1), 2014. ISBN: 978-3-319-01523-1


The modern university started as an innovative model - a research-driven teaching and service model in the 19th century -, but the contemporary university is in a crisis of identity. The major challenge is how to harmonize different missions, e.g., teaching, research, and service. The triple function has become questionable and research now dominates the other two functions in contemporary higher education. This book takes a step towards further academic and policy discussions on the restructuring the triple functions of university and designing the future of the post-massified university.


The book contains among others the following articles by INCHER-Kassel members

Shin, Jung Cheol; Teichler, Ulrich: "The Future of University in the Post-Massification Era: A Conceptual Framework", pp. 1-7

Teichler, Ulrich: "Possible futures for Higher Education: Challenges for Higher Education Research", pp. 145–166

Teichler, Ulrich: "Education and the Future Social Order: equality of Opportunity, Quality, Competitiveness?", pp. 183–204

Teichler, Ulrich: "On the Move towards a New Convergent Design of Higher Education Systems?", pp. 229–248

Shin, Jung Cheol; Teichler, Ulrich: "Conclusion", pp. 249–250