Implementation of a university bibliography

In its original "Recommendations on a Core Data Set for Research" from 2013, the German Council of Science and Humanities already pointed to increasing, heterogeneous information needs on research activities in the context of science policy, among funding agencies, and at universities and non-university research institutions themselves.

The basis for recording publications is the university's research information system (Converis), in which researchers report their publications by providing their ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor Identification) once or by providing a unique identifier (DOI, URN, ISBN) of the publication or by uploading the publication. Overall, the implementation of the university bibliography aims to improve the visibility of research activities within and outside the university, especially with regard to a complete and timely record of all new publications (including Open Access). The implementation is carried out in cooperation between the Academic Controlling in the Department of Strategic Development and the University Library.

Project titleImplementation of a university bibliography
Department in chargeDepartment of Strategic Development
Project period2021-2025


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