Gender Mainstreaming

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Gender equality is a quality criterion of the University of Kassel. Including diverse perspectives and utilising all potentials increases the quality of science and of the university and creates more attractive conditions for working and studying. In the area of gender equality, the Equality Unit offers career advancement advice for women and supports junior academics. It also develops and coordinates concepts and programmes to establish equal opportunities in all areas of academia, the university, teaching and studying.


The legal basis for equality at the state level is the Hessian Equal Rights Act (HGIG) and the Hessian Higher Education Act (HHG).

The aim of the Hessian Equal Rights Act is to achieve equal opportunities for all genders, to improve the reconciliation of family care responsibilities and paid employment for women and men, and to eliminate the existing underrepresentation of women in the public sector.

The Hessian Higher Education Act stipulates that higher education institutions in Hesse promote the tangible implementation of equality between all genders and work towards eliminating existing disadvantages. Gender-specific consequences are to be taken into account in all areas of decision-making.

The aim of the General Act on Equal Treatment is to prevent or eliminate discrimination based on ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.





Equal Opportunities at the university

Information on equality in the faculties, on promoting equality measures through the special fund “Structural Equal Opportunities” and on equality monitoring at the University of Kassel.

Equal Opportunities at the university: Forward

Gender in Academia

Information on the “Gender in Teaching” project, on gender equality consulting, Gender studies and the DFG’s research-oriented gender equality standards.

Gender in Academia: Forward

Women in STEM

Information and advice from the faculties and the Equality Unit.

Women in STEM: Forward

Mentoring programs

Mentoring programs for students and junior researchers at the University of Kassel.

Mentoring programs: Forward

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