What to do in case of discrimination?

  • Take your own feelings and the experience of your personal boundaries being infringed seriously.

  • Do not ignore the incident but speak about it with someone you trust.

  • Do not accept the discrimination but call it out immediately. Acting early can increase the chances that discrimination stops.

  • Make a note of the incident and include the date, names, place and possible witnesses.

  • Seek advice and make use of the counselling services and complaints procedures.

  • Share information about the University of Kassel’s Directive on Protection against Discrimination and Sexual Violence.

  • Make it clear that you will not tolerate discrimination.

  • Take all complaints seriously.

  • Talk to the person affected in a confidential setting about how to proceed and advise them on support options.

You can find further information about anti-discrimination measures and how to react to discrimination at the University of Kassel in the brochure “Stop discrimination. Live diversity”.

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