Accident Insurance

The Unfallkasse Hessen is a provider of statutory accident insurance for the public sector and has the task of covering employees and employers in the event of accidents at work or occupational diseases.

The insured persons are insured by law against accidents and against the consequences and risks of health hazards at work or on the way to work.

The insurance coverage is non-contributory for the insured employees. The contributions are paid solely by our member companies.

This exempts them from civil liability towards their employees in the event of an accident at work or an occupational disease.

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Trainings and dates

The Unfallkasse Hessen (UKH) offers free seminars and qualification courses.
The current range and detailed seminar descriptions are available online on the UKH website.

Create accident report (university internal)

Information on the procedure, deadlines and form of an accident report as well as a template for preparing the accident report.

An accident report is always required if an accident at work or on the way to work results in an inability to work for more than 3 calendar days. The accident report must be sent to the Personnel and Organization Department.

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