Emergency Organization

A good and forward-looking emergency organization is not only a legal obligation but rather a requirement in order to be able to help university members quickly and comprehensively in the event of an incident.

Are you well prepared?

  1. a good preparation for possible emergencies is an important prerequisite, so that in case of emergency can be acted quickly!
  2. we provide you with necessary materials for the removal of hazardous substances and for alerting in case of emergency situation.
  3. you will also find information on first aid training and ordering first aid materials, on locations of defibrilators and on reporting occupational and commuting accidents.

Emergency and alarm plans

For rooms with a particular risk potential, such as laboratories, workshops, storage rooms, etc., the operator/user must draw up operating instructions tailored to the respective room conditions and use of the room with measures for the event of fire and danger and keep them available in the respective rooms.
We provide templates for the preparation of emergency and alarm plans in German and English for further processing.