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Study programs at the Department for Psychology

Since the fall term of 2020/2021, the Bachelor's Program in Psychology of the University of Kassel ensures that the professional requirements of the Psychotherapists Act (PsychThG) and the Approbation Regulations for Psychotherapists (PsychThApprO) are fully met. In addition to a broad basic training in psychological methods and diagnostics, the polyvalent bachelor's degree provides an introduction to the basic psychological subjects of general psychology, developmental psychology, differential psychology and personality psychology, social psychology, as well as the applied subjects of industrial and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology and environmental psychology. There is also an introduction to applied methods such as counseling and supervision. The program is tailored to a problem-oriented, but at the same time theoretically sound teaching of psychological knowledge.

In the fall term of 2021/2022, the new Master's program in Psychology was introduced. In addition to in-depth methodological, diagnostic and clinical knowledge, the master's program offers an innovative structure of elective modules that open up important professional fields in addition to the purely clinical psychotherapeutic ones. In total, four out of the following five focal points can be chosen: a) Advanced Research Methods and Statistical Modeling, b) Cognition, Education, Development, c) Legal Psychology, d) Man, Work, Technology and e) Environmental Psychology. The spectrum thus includes traditional as well as emerging fields of work, and strikes a balance between research and applied aspects of psychology. The core and elective courses are supplemented by, among other things, a career-oriented internship and training in science communication. The breadth of learning opportunities thus allows students to develop perspectives for a variety of psychological professions.

The Master's Program in Economics, Psychology and Management deals with the experience and behavior of people in economic contexts and the psychological aspects of economic life itself. It aims to enable students to understand psychological, economic, social and societal contexts and to apply them professionally in business practice. In addition to teaching advanced research methods, the course covers psychological and economic principles, and deepens knowledge in the areas of human resources, organization, and market and competition. The lecturers come from the fields of business administration, economics and psychology.