The university builds

A new campus emerges

The University of Kassel is undergoing the greatest transformation in its 40-year history. In the coming years, the new Campus North will be built. The neighborhood between Moritzstrasse, Gottschalkstrasse and Mombachstrasse will be transformed into an educational landscape situated between the city and the park. The aim is to relocate the departments and facilities from Heinrich-Plett-Strasse in Kassel-Oberzwehren to the former Gottschalk site on Holländischer Platz (building structure concept).

As part of the Hessian state government's HEUREKA special investment program (Higher Education Development and Conversion Program: Circular Renewal, Concentration and Expansion of Research and Teaching in Hesse), around 200 million euros will be made available for the University of Kassel by 2020.

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The university builds

In the future, too, the main focus of the university's structural development will be to provide students, teachers, staff and scientists with excellent study and working conditions in terms of space and equipment.

The building structure concept drawn up back in 2005 and updated in 2017 continues to serve as the basis for the gradual expansion of the university.

Guidelines for construction, renovation and operation

These guidelines ensure that the buildings and properties of the University of Kassel are built, renovated and operated in accordance with the objective of "not cheap, but high-quality, economical, sustainable, future-proof and operationally reliable".

The obligations to act and technical limits set out in these regulations must be observed by both external planning parties and internal employees in the course of planning and construction processes.

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