Housekeeping services

The housekeeping services at the individual university locations are responsible for general repair and maintenance work as part of the housekeeping service.
Among the many tasks to be performed are the repair of furniture and defective doors, small removals, cleaning work, supervision of external services and much more. Orders to the janitorial services can be registered via the ServiceDesk Building.

Cleaning services

Maintenance cleaning and glass and frame cleaning at the University of Kassel is contracted out to external service providers. The commissioning, control and monitoring (especially with regard to the cleaning quality) of the service providers is carried out by the responsible employees of the University.
If you have additional cleaning requests, complaints or other problems regarding the cleaning quality, please contact the Service Desk. The responsible employees from the cleaning department will contact you as soon as possible.

Removal services

In general, larger moves are organized centrally. For any smaller moves that may be required, please contact the Service Desk. The responsible janitor will contact you in a timely manner.

Outdoor facilities maintenance

The employees of the Outdoor Facilities Maintenance department are responsible for the maintenance of the university's extensive outdoor facilities.
This includes tree care work, hedge trimming and lawn mowing, as well as minor repair and redesign work on the paved areas. An important part of the work is also the maintenance and updating of the tree cadastre. Currently, about 130,000m2 of unpaved open spaces are managed by the gardeners' staff.


For the disposal of recyclable and residual materials, containers are available at each location and for residual waste, commercial waste, paper, cardboard, cardboard packaging and for other recyclable and residual materials.
Disposal services in the buildings are provided by the assigned cleaning service manager. The organization on the outdoor sites, including the management of the recyclable material sites, is carried out by the respective janitor's department.

Security and guard service

The security and guard service makes every effort to make the respective locations as safe as possible. Day and night and 365 days a year, external and internal persons working for the university strive to further increase the level of security at the university through patrols, lanes and their presence, among other things.

In case of need, the security and guard service can be reached around the clock via the telephone number 2040 and in case of emergency via the telephone number 2222 (internal emergency call of the University of Kassel).

Lost property

If you have any questions about lost property, please call the following numbers:

+49 561 804-3837 or
+49 561 804-2040