What is diversity and why does the University of Kassel need it?

What is diversity?

Diversity means variety and considers the diversity of people, their biographies and life situations. Diversity encompasses a variety of dimensions such as age, gender, religion, ethnic and social origin, civil status, worldview and sexual orientation.

When we speak of diversity at the university we are pursuing several goals, including equality of opportunity, freedom from discrimination and treating each other with respect and appreciation.

The University of Kassel considers both individuals and groups in terms of their diversity dimensions and strives to create equal opportunities for groups that are disadvantaged because of their characteristics.

Why does the university need a diversity strategy and protection from discrimination?


  • Higher education institutions are responsible for creating equal access to higher education and to academic careers.

  • Higher education institutions train future leaders. With their knowledge and competencies they will have a substantial impact on societal development and corporate culture.


Higher education institutions are legally obliged to protect against discrimination and to implement preventative measures

  • Article 3 of the Basic Law

  • General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG)

  • The University of Kassel’s Directive on Protection against Discrimination and Sexual Violence.


Protection from discrimination and measures for increasing diversity make the university more attractive to potential students, teachers, researchers and administrators.

Equal opportunities and protection from discrimination lead to:

  • Greater satisfaction among staff and students

  • Improved working atmosphere, cooperation and internal communication

  • Maintaining the capacity to work as well as mental and physical health

  • Greater motivation, efficiency, productivity and effectivity

  • Greater resources for learning and transformation

  • The recognition of different ways of living

  • Increased tolerance.