Dual Career Service

What are the issues affecting mobility decisions if you want to continue your career at a different location? Which challenges will you and your partner face if you both want to pursue your careers on an equal footing and still share your lives? How do you find the right childcare or a good school for your children? How do you find the right place to live?

I am looking forward to discussing these and other questions – your individual questions – with you and will try to find the best solutions.




Family Welcome und Dual Career Service
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Target Group

The Dual Career Service aims to help (newly appointed) professors, senior managers at the university, and their families to meet the various challenges associated with starting their new position. The service is open to all couples, hetero- or homosexual, married or not.

We at the University of Kassel do not necessarily understand Dual Career couples to refer only to those who both pursue an academic career. Our focus is rather on helping all partners with the start of employment at the new location or place of residence and not necessarily on a career in academia. The position and educational background of the partners are not relevant.