Transferbarometer (completed 2022)

Project participants Management: Prof. Dr. Guido Bünstorf

Sponsor Stifterverband

Duration 2020 - 2022

The University of Kassel was selected by the Stifterverband as one of three pilot universities to participate in the development of indicators for the quality assurance of knowledge transfer. INCHER-Kassel participated in the development, testing and evaluation of the indicators under the direction of Prof. Dr. Guido Bünstorf.

With the Transferbarometer program, the Donors' Association established indicators that can be used to measure the effectiveness of the transfer of scientific findings to society. Participation in the Transferbarometer program was intended to enable the University of Kassel, among other things, to further advance transfer in the area of sustainability.

The Transferbarometer program was concluded in 2022 with a final conference .