Interdisziplinäres INCHER-Graduiertenprogramm (completed 2019)

The role of higher education for careers in different social areas (ELBHA)

The ELBHA-Team

The following INCHER members are involved in the ELBHA program:

Prof. Dr. Guido Bünstorf (Speaker of the PhD program):
INCHER-Kassel and Institute of Economics)

Dr. Otto Hüther
INCHER-Kassel und faculty of social sciences)

Prof. Dr. Georg Krücken
INCHER-Kassel und faculty of social sciences)


The PhD program "Elite Reproduction in Transition?"  focuses on the role the university system is playing in the process of elite reproduction. Five PhD projects at three departments of the university of Kassel - Economics, Social Sciences and Electrical Engineering/Computer Science - investigate how higher education influences careers in different sectors of society. ELBHA (which is the acronym of the program’s German name) is the first PhD program at the University of Kassel on topics of higher education research. The projects are located at the interfaces of the participating disciplines. They take a closer look at higher education and further careers with regard to the individual opportunities to reach top positions in the economy, politics and society in order to examine the dynamics of elite reproduction in Germany.
The graduate program is supported by the University of Kassel within the framework of a program line "Graduate Development Programs", which aims at improving the situation of PhD candidates and to develop structured PhD programs with co-operative supervision.