Kooperationsprojekt Absolventenstudien - Zweitbefragung (completed 2018)

Why graduate studies?

A central goal of decision-related graduate studies is to contribute to the quality development of higher education (e.g., for course development). Analyses of the course of studies and careers are therefore also concerned with the effects of study conditions and offers on the further life of graduates.

Within the framework of KOAB, surveys of graduates are conducted annually at many universities. These surveys are designed as long-term studies:

  • 1-2 years after graduation, all graduates are asked to evaluate their studies and are interviewed about their future career (initial survey).
  • Graduates who participated in their university's initial survey are invited to participate again in a graduate survey three years later (second survey). The invitation is issued by the research institutes INCHER-Kassel and ISTAT. This second survey offers the opportunity to learn more about the graduates' careers after they have completed their studies several years ago. Currently, the second survey of the graduating class 2013/2014 is taking place.