Legitimation von Unternehmensberatung (abgeschlossen 2018)


Prof. Dr. Georg Krücken (Chief principal investigators)

Dr. Tim Seidenschnur

Cooperation partners:

    • Prof. Dr. Rick Vogel (University of Hamburg)
    • Dipl.-Soz. Julia Galwa (University of Hamburg)

Legitimation of business consultancy in different institutional contexts: A comparative study in economics, administration and science

In a joint project funded by the German Research Foundation INCHER-Kassel and the University of Hamburg examine the legitimacy of consulting in various institutional contexts, including the academic sphere. The research team focuses on processes of legitimacy at different social levels, and on their interaction within the constitution of the consultant as an institutional actor.

A major assumption of the research project is that processes of micro-, meso- and macro-legitimation do not proceed independently of one another, but rather stabilize the constitutions of the actorsmainly by referring to one another and that thus one has to assume an entanglement of legitimation levels. 

Project Output

Krücken, Georg; Serrano-Velarde, Kathia (2016): Der Berater als Fremder. Eine soziologische Studie zur Managementberatung in Universitäten. In: Köln Z Soziol 68 (1), S. 29–51.

Krücken, Georg; Vogel, Rick; Galwa, Julia; Seidenschnur, Tim (2016): Legitimierungsprobleme und-strategien von Managementberatern im öffentlichen Sektor. In: der moderne staat 9 (2), S. 253–275.

Seidenschnur, Tim; Krücken, Georg; Vogel, Rick; Galwa, Julia (2016): Beratung von Universitäten. Lernprozesse zwischen universitärem Denken und ökonomischer Logik. In: Hochschulmanagement 11 (3), S. 66–72.