CINHEKS (abgeschlossen 2013)


  • European Science Foundation/DFG


  • 2009 - 2013


The CINHEKS project is a collaborative multi-country investigation on how higher education institutions are networked in knowledge societies in Europe, USA und Japan. The study will analyse how the notion of the Knowledge Society implies changes in the traditional ways that universities produce and disseminate knowledge and shape social networks and partnerships. Additionally the investigation will examine whether the linkages between academics, higher education institutions and other key external actors are similar or distinct in different institutional, national and regional contexts. 

The CINEHKS collaboration framework consists of three different analytical parts: 

  • a historical analysis of key features shaping knowledge production in Europe, the US and Japan.
  • a policy discourse analysis in relation to global and regional discourses about the knowledge society.
  • an empirical mixed-method study of how universities and academics operate within a ‘knowledge society’ frame of reference in Europe, the US and Japan.

 INCHER conducts the historical analysis on higher education, knowledge and society and by contributing case studies of six German universities. The specific aim of the historical analysis is to examine the extent to which differences and commonalities of policies and developments regarding the core theme of the project at the beginning of the 21st century reflect prior trends and policies in the six countries collaborating in this project. The research collaboration is designed as a three-year study (October 2009-September 2012) within the European Science Foundation’s Higher Education and Social Change (EuroHESC) research programme. The overall purpose of the project is to analyse how higher education institutions operate within knowledge societies. Furthermore, the project aims to enhance knowledge society as explanatory construct of social theory. 


INCHER Kassel (Prof. Ulrich Teichler); Centre for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, Technical University of Lisbon (Prof. Rui Baptista), Centre for Higher Education Research and Information, Open University UK (Prof. John Bennan, Prof. Brenda Little, Prof. Malah Singh) Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Arizona (Prof. Gary Rhoades) Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University (Prof. Jun Oba).  CINEHKS is led by the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland).   

For further information, please see CINHEKS webpage:

Project Output

Kosmützky, Anna; Ewen, Amy (2016): Global, National and Local? The Multilayered Spatial Ties of Universities to Society. In: M. David Hoffman und Jussi Välimaa (Hg.): Re-Becoming Universities. Higher Education Institutions in Networked Knowledge Societies. Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands, S. 223–245.