Konzept für ein "Bundesweites Absolventenpanel 2017" (buildAP) (abgeschlossen 2017)

Concept for a National Graduate Study 2017 (Build AP) A joint project of INCHER-Kassel and DZHW

The International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER-Kassel) and the Deutsches Zentrum für Wissenschafts- und Hochschulforschung (DZHW) agreed to conduct a National Graduate study starting 2017 and to conceptualize a comprehensive and integrated study design.

So far the DZHW has been undertaking a graduate study and sampling every four years. INCHER-Kassel on the other hand, coordinates annual graduate studies in cooperation with about 70 higher education institutions as part of the KOAB Project ("Kooperationsprojekt Absolventenstudien"). The goal of the BuildAP Project is therefore to develop a joint integrated study and coherent interview methods to be applied inaugurally for the alumni cohort of 2017.

The concept aims to fulfill the data collection requirements for scientific higher education research, institution-specific results for quality assurance and also to provide data for national education reports. Additionally, the concept seeks to help develop an appealing format for research results in order to improve public perception and reception of the data. The project considers discussion and coordination with the institutes that carry out graduate studies at the state level as a very important part of the conceptual phase.

Workshops: The BuildAP project ran for a period of one and a half years. Six topically structured workshops were hold to theoretically and methodologically review and further develop the survey design and the questioning instruments. Stakeholder interests were addressed and represented in this workshop.


Workshop 1 "Opening and Research questions“ October 2015 (Kassel)

Workshop 2 "Further Academic Qualifications: Transitions into Master and Phd Study Programmes" November 2015 (Hannover)

Workshop 3 "Careers: Transition to the Labour Market and Early Career-paths " February 2016 (Kassel)

Workshop 4 "Study Process, Study Experience, Study Evaluation" 12th May 2016 (Hannover)

Workshop 5 "Explaining Academic and Career Developments using Context Data" September 2016 (Kassel)

Workshop 6 "Conclusive Discussion of the Survey Design and Safeguarding Data Quality" February 2017 (Hannover)

Project members

Dr. Choni Flöther

Anika Meß

Dirk Reifenberg

Gregor Fabian (Projektleitung DZHW)

Julika Hillmann (DZHW)

Susanne Redeke (DZHW)


2015 - 2017