Hochschulreform und Arbeitsmarkt (abgeschlossen 2005)

in brief

The study, "Hochschulreform und Arbeitsmarkt" focused on the process of transforming traditional study program structures in German higher education to a Bachelor and Master structure and provided insights into the role and the current situation of new study programs in the German higher education system.

In the discussion of bachelor and master degree programs it often has been stressed that the switch to the new structure is not useful as long as the employer faced with new degrees were skeptical. It was therefore examined in the study, whether bachelor's and master's graduates are accepted in the labor market and how the criticism of the two-cycle degree system is met by higher education institutions. In this study human resource managers from four German companies were interviewed about their perspective on the study reforms. In addition, the report cites examples of the opinions of different stakeholders, professors, students and business leaders.

The study was funded by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

Project Output

Rehburg, Meike: Hochschulreform und Arbeitsmarkt. Bonn: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung 2005 


  • 2004 - 2005


  • Meike Rehburg


  • Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation