Der Bologna-Prozess im Fach Physik (abgeschlossen 2011)


  • Bettina Alesi
  • Achim Eckhard
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara M. Kehm
  • Yemisrach Negash
  • Ahmed Tubail

Together with the European Physical Society and 15 national physical societies in Europe, INCHER-Kassel examined the state of transition of the study programs in physics  in Europe to the Bachelor and Master system. The Kassel study was the first Europe wide empirical investigation of the Bologna reforms in one field of study.

Background: In 2008, the European Physical Society initiated a detailed study of the curricular and organizational activities and effect of the implementation of the new study program structure according to the Bologna process. INCHER-Kassel was selected as a project partner because of its experience and research competence with regard to the Bologna process. The investigation started in 2008 with an evaluation of the curricula in 180 physics departments, and continued in a second stage with a survey of the departments.

The first phase of the study (2008-2009) analyzed mainly the situation in the Bachelor programs: The next study period (2009-2010) focused on the Master programs followed by the final phase (2010-2011) which focused on the analysis of the doctorate phase.

Three project reports were published by the European Physical Society (EPS):


  • 2008 - 2011 (completed)


  • The European Physical Society (EPS)