Designated hiring process for employees

You have been selected for a position at the University of Kassel. We ask you to please regard the following steps included in the outline.

At a glance: What needs to be taken care of before your placement?

  1. 1.For the hiring date

    All forms filled in and signed?

    The following forms must be completed in full, signed and brought to the hiring appointment with the human resources department:

    The forms can be filled out online after being saved.

    Please make sure to apply for your official certificate of good conduct type “O” as soon as possible. You can apply for it at your relevant German registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) to be submitted to:

    Universität Kassel, Abteilung Personal und Organisation, Mönchebergstr. 19, 34125 Kassel.

    Application fees will not be reimbursed.

  2. 2.For your hiring appointment

    bring the original copy

    The following documents must be brought withyou in their originalform to your hiring appointment.

    1. Credentials (Secondary school qualifications, Bachelor/Master certificate, Bachelor/Master diploma, PhD certificate, references from past employers, etc.)
    2. Birth certificate, if applicable: marriage certificate, child(ren)’s birth certificate(s)
    3. If applicable: proof of disability (assessment characteristics blanked out)
    4. If applicable: residence permit
    5. If applicable: certificate of prior service in the public sector
    6. If applicable: application for contributions capital forming benefit

    Please also inform us of your current german health insurance provider.


  3. 3.Please read in advance

    Acknowledgement is required during your hiring appointment

    Please read the following information well before your hiring appointment with the human resources department. You will be required to acknowledge that you have received the information during your hiring appointment.

    1. Declaration of penalties and disciplinary measures as well as ongoing proceeding.
      If any of the sentences, disciplinary measures or pending penalties, investigations or disciplinary measures mentioned exist please contact your HR administrator as soon as possible.
    2. Instruction on faithfulness to be constitution
    3. Transcript on the formal obligation according to § 1 par. 1 to 3 of the Commitment Act as well as an extract from the Criminal Code
    4. Obligation to maintain confidentiality and comply with date protection in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (DS-GVO) and the Hessian Data Protection and Informational Freedom Act. (HDSIG)
    5. Declaration of knowledge and consent of telecommunication service agreement regarding private use of your business phone line
    6. Supplementary pension scheme for the public sector(§ 2 para. 2 Collective Agreement on Pension Schemes - ATV -)
    7. Administration regulations on combating corruption
    8. Guideline on preventing and combating corruption in public administration in the state of Hesse
    9. Guideline for protection against discrimination and sexualized violance at the University of Kassel
    10. Service agreement on the use of e-mail
    11. Service instructions on regulations for incapacity for work and service due to illness, as well as vacation and time off from work or service
    12. Employment information (info boocklet)
    13. Parking space rental information at the University of Kassel


    You do not need to print out these materials.

  4. 4.Further information

    Further information and documents which will be given to you by your HR administrator during your hiring appointment

    1. Job description as an annex to your employment contract
    2. UniAccount information sheetzum UniAccount
    3. CampusCardinformationsheet zur CampusCard
    4. Checklist for risk assessment of VDU work (working in front of a screen)
    5. Hesse State Ticket (Travel Pass)