Forum on the Quality of Studies and Teaching

The University of Kassel would like to offer all students, teachers and staff the opportunity to enter into a lively and dynamic exchange about the quality of studies and teaching. The framework for this is provided by a regular forum on quality with workshops, discussions and lectures. Thematic focal points are based on current results of university-wide surveys (Follow Up).

In the past, the following Bachelor Forums have already taken place:

Bachelor FORUM 2013

The Bachelor - Forum 2013 was organized as a "Follow Up" to the Bachelor survey 2013 and again offered the opportunity to discuss selected results of the Bachelor survey in a university-wide public. The main topic this year was"Room for individuality?Bachelor's degree programs and flexibility". In addition to two presentations, the topics"Offer Modules" and"Key Competencies" were discussed in a"World Café".

Bachelor FORUM 2011

The first Bachelor - Forum was organized at the University of Kassel in 2011 as a "Follow Up" to the first university-wide Bachelor - Survey in 2010. Students, lecturers, university administration staff and external experts used this opportunity to exchange opinions in order to collect and discuss new approaches and ideas for the further reform process of the Bachelor's degree programs. In three workshops, forward-looking ideas and approaches for improving the situation of teaching and studying at the University of Kassel were developed, which have since found their way into concrete measures (e.g. many projects within the framework of the Teaching Quality Pact).

  • Presentations
  • Panel discussion

In addition, at the beginning of the second funding phase of the Teaching Quality Pact at the University of Kassel on 14.02.1017, a forum was held under the topic of Diversity Relevant to Studies - Of Internationalization, Digitalization, Diversity and Didactic Challenges of the "Mass University" and at the halfway point of the second funding phase of the Teaching Quality Pact at the University of Kassel on 12.11.2018, a forum planned together with the Teaching Service Center under the topic "Study Success .. . concerns everyone" will take place:


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