Monitoring of study progress

Brief description

The project Study Progression Monitoring is to examine the different study progressions in the study programs of the University of Kassel with the help of the examination data from HIS/POS.

The aim of the project is to enable the departments to identify ideal and less ideal or successful and unsuccessful courses of study in order to identify critical points in the course of study and to counteract dropouts and delays by taking appropriate preventive measures.

For example, the sequence and speed in which modules are completed and the extent to which this corresponds to the recommended study plan will be analyzed. Different types of students could also be identified and described in this way in the long term.

During the course of the project, there will be continuous discussions with the departments so that standardized report formats can be made available later and the flow of information can be ensured in the long term.

These goals are to be achieved with the help of the following phases in the project:

  • Preparation of data incl. anonymization
  • Testing of quantitative indicators for recording critical passages in the course of studies
  • Definition and standardization of reporting formats
  • Supporting the departments in establishing measures for study success


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