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The survey of the graduates of the 2021 examination year will start on 14.10.2022.

Please follow the link to get to the questionnaire:

The Kassel Tracer Study is conducted every year as a survey of all graduates of the University of Kassel. The graduate survey is designed as a long-term study with currently two survey dates:

  • One to two years after graduation, all graduates are asked to evaluate their studies and to provide information about their future career (initial survey).
  • Those who give their explicit consent after the first survey are invited again three years later (second survey). This second survey offers the opportunity to learn more about the trajectory over a longer period of time.
  • Completing the questionnaire provides an opportunity to reflect on your specific study experiences.
  • The university will look into your experiences and opinions and use the results for quality development.
  • You stay in contact with the University of Kassel and your contact can be intensified by an entry in the alumni database.
  • Upon request, anonymized and aggregated evaluation results of the survey can be sent to you.
  • And last but not least, future generations of students have the chance to profit from your experiences.
  • The survey provides an important contribution to the improvement of the study programs and conditions, the university's advising and service facilities, and the practical and career orientation of the study program.
  • The survey provides valuable insights for departments and service institutions, e.g. about the occupational fields in which graduates work.


Contact persons

Sandra Bürger

Course and module evaluation

Tel. +49 561 804-7298