Survey of study programmes

The University of Kassel regularly conducts course-related surveys on the quality of studies and teaching. In these surveys, students can evaluate study conditions and curricula in a differentiated manner. Bachelor's, Master's and teacher training students are surveyed alternately. The results are published here on an ongoing basis.

Surveys and yearStudent participation

Bachelor Survey 2020

Participation 22% (3,035 students)

Master Survey 2018

Participation 25% (1,428 students)

Teacher Survey 2017

Participation 21% (1,083 students)

Bachelor Survey 2015

Participation 18% (2,100 students)

Master Survey 2014

Participation 40% (1,540 students)

Teacher Survey 2013

Participation 36% (1,650 students)

Bachelor Survey 2013

Participation 28% (2,400 students)

Bachelor Survey 2010

Participation 34% (2,300 students)


Departments and program managers also receive detailed program-specific analyses and evaluations. These findings help to continually improve the range of courses on offer. The spectrum of questions in the surveys is very broad. The pdf versions of the most recently used questionnaires provide an insight.

Students of the Master's programs have the choice to answer the questions in German or English. The regular implementation of the surveys is anchored in the evaluation statutes of the University of Kassel.

Contact persons

Sandra Bürger

Course and module evaluation

Tel. +49 561 804-7298