Logo variations

For certain areas and organizational structures of the university, word marks are derived from the university logo.

Cross-university logos

As part of its brand architecture, the University of Kassel has introduced binding co-logos for e.g. eCampus, the library, university sports, and the Graduate Academy, in addition to the University logo. This level stands for services that affect the entire university and its members and are therefore also visually very close to the logo of the University of Kassel. This level will be extended by further facilities.

The specifications of the standard logo regarding colorfulness, size, protective space and background design also apply to these logo variants.

Some examples of uni superior logos

Faculty logos

As part of its brand architecture, the University of Kassel has introduced mandatory logos for the ten faculties that visually express the clear affiliation of these faculties with the University of Kassel. The logos, designed by Prof. Bernard Stein, place the full faculties names in the Univers font next to the university logo, which appears in color or optionally in grayscale. The connection is made clear by a horizontal line four lines long in the corporate color.

Additional department logos are omitted.

Some of the FB logos to view

FB logos are only available in the university network [internal].

Contents of the logo case:

  • Logos in different file formats and resolutions
  • Faculties logos (German/English)
  • Letterhead (German/english)
  • Publications

Templates for the faculties [internal]

University logo in cooperation with second logo

Within the framework of the brand architecture, there is the limited possibility of using additional logos for the external presentation of individual institutions, projects, research associations, services and subunits of the university. However, this option should only be used in individual cases and after an examination of the absolute necessity of a separate brand presence .

The use of secondary logos is precisely defined. Second logos are always placed to the left of the university logo. There is a hyphen between them. The height corresponds to the height of the protective space of the university logo. Several secondary logos are not separated by the hyphen, it is only placed between the university logo and the first secondary logo.

The Communications, Press and Public Relations Office advises institutions on behalf of the university management on the use and development of secondary logos. Before commissioning design agencies to develop additional logos in the context of the University of Kassel, the approval of the Office of Communications, Press and Public Relations must be obtained.

Example of the use of a secondary logo

Note: No use of sub logos and own developments

Own logos for study programs (bachelor, master, continuing education orientation and doctoral programs) of the University of Kassel are generally not permitted, since it is the core task of the university to develop and offer study programs and courses. Therefore, all study programs of the University of Kassel operate under the brand and logo of the University of Kassel. A sub-logo may not be used.