Statement by the university management on the financial support of the student parliament for a demonstration (01/2024)

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According to our information, the motion to support the demonstration was spontaneously put on the agenda of the student parliament and passed with a simple majority. The university management only found out about it afterwards.

Supporting such a demonstration is not covered by the university's political mandate. It must therefore be reversed. This has already been communicated to the AStA by the university as legal supervisor.

The university management expressly rejects the accusation of anti-Semitism at the University of Kassel: Within the scope of their responsibility and within their legal possibilities, the university management and the Senate of the university are also firmly committed to dialog and understanding and against discrimination on the subject of the Middle East. The university management has made this clear time and again, including to representatives of the Young Forum of the German-Israeli Community and the Jewish University Group (JHG).