Statement on incidents in the StuPa (5.6.2024)

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The AStA chairperson informed the university management in detail about the incidents at the student parliament meeting last Wednesday evening, which led to the police being deployed to the student house. A verbal altercation took place there in the run-up to a discussion about a declaration on the topic of anti-Semitism.

The student parliament and AStA are student self-administration bodies at the university. The autonomy of student self-administration is a valuable asset and is legally protected in the Higher Education Act. The university management does not have any direct influence on the student parliament.

The university management is in contact with the AStA. It supports it in maintaining the culture of discussion in all student bodies at a discursive level appropriate to the university. Even in the case of extremely differing opinions on issues, all students must be treated with respect at all times in their university political engagement, be able to act without fear and be protected from verbal and physical violence. Together with the AStA, the university management considers this to be non-negotiable. The incident in the student house is disturbing; the university management considers the ban issued by the AStA with effect for the student house to be appropriate.