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Certification provides confirmation that the signature on a written declaration (document) is genuine. The University of Kassel is only authorised to certify its own higher education institution certificates (documents):

Only university-owned certificates and diplomas

Official certification of the university’s own documents

The right of the University of Kassel to provide certification is restricted by Section 33 of the Hesse Administrative Procedures Act. According to this, the University of Kassel may only officially certify duplicates/copies of documents (certificates) that it has issued itself.

Responsible office:
Admissions office
Ellen Leeser, e-mail: ellen.leeser[at]uni-kassel[dot]de
Phone: +49 561 804 - 2205

The consultation hour for certifications takes place only after scheduling an appointment. To schedule an appointment, please write an e-mail to Ellen Leeser (ellen.leeser[at]uni-kassel[dot]de). Please bring along the original documents as well as the copies to be certified to the scheduled appointment. Additional copies cost 0,20 Euro per page.

Other public offices, which can provide official certification, are administrative authorities (town hall, city administration), church offices (parish offices), notaries public, but not solicitors, auditors, associations or banks etc.  
Documents can be certified abroad at German diplomatic missions (embassies).

Costs of certification:
EUR 5.00 must be paid for the certification of each document (certificate) according to the current valid administrative costs order for the business area covered by the Hesse Ministry for Science and the Arts. Please bring a copy of your personal documents for the certification on each occasion.

Cashless payment only!
Only cashless payment possible!

Authentication/Hague Apostille

The diplomatic or consulate mission in the country, in which the documents are to be used, is responsible for the authentication of German documents. You will be able to obtain reliable information about the conditions for authentication there. This normally depends on pre-certification of the document by a lower-level body. The authorities on the next highest level are responsible for certifying documents that have been issued by administrative bodies (e.g. documents indicating your civil status, certificates of registration, but also university degree certificates). They are the regional councils in Hesse.

The “Hague Apostille” replaces any authentication that is otherwise necessary in the countries that have signed the “Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents” dated 5 October 1961. 


The University of Kassel issues pre-certification of documents (this costs EUR 10). Please always copy the front and reverse side of each page.

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