Standards of Quality

The Career Service is a service offered by the university for its students. The range of events includes general application qualifications, presentation of occupational fields, mediation of additional qualifications, and offers tailored to the needs of individual departments.

Practical relevance

The Career Service offers half-day and full-day workshops as well as workshops lasting several days. In its workshops, it works only with independent lecturers. The lecturers come from the field and have several years of experience both in the relevant professional practice and in the implementation of such seminars. A high practical content of the workshops is an essential prerequisite for the selection of lecturers.

The Career Service regularly offers two-hour lectures on the presentation of professional fields. Here, leading institutions or companies are invited in areas that are particularly in demand by students, in order to provide the greatest possible overview of the corresponding field of work and to inform about entry opportunities and requirements.

Assurance of the quality standards

  1. In the case of a new lecturer, a member of the Career Service always takes part in the event.
  2. The events are evaluated by the participants with the help of feedback forms.