Stand­ards of Qual­ity

Quality standards for events and workshops

The events and workshops offered by the Career Service are a service of the university for its students and alumni. The spectrum of activities consists of general application qualifications, the introduction of career fields, the provision of further qualifications for both the general and specific needs of individual departments.

Practical Relevance
The Career Service offers both half and full-day workshops along with special seminars spanning several days. The workshops are done only in cooperation with independent lecturers. Participating lecturers account with years of field experience in their respective areas and are familiar with the planning and development of workshops. Career Service considers the lecturer's expertise and the preparation of relevant material as determinant factors for the selection of a suitable lecturer.

The Career Service regularly offers two hour presentations on the introduction of career fields. In these presentations, the institutions and companies of some of the most significant areas of students' interests are invited to give students a general introduction and overview of the target sectors. Possible job entry positions and opportunities, as well as their requirements, will be centrefold in such presentations.

Assurance of Quality Standards

  1. A member of Career Service will always be present at workshops when new lecturers are invited.
  2. The quality of the workshop will be further evaluated with the help of students' input which can be provided through evaluation forms handed out at the end of the workshop.