Application Tips

A good job application is always something eye catching and unique. Customizing five job applications to fit the desired jobs could be significantly more effective than 100 random applications, where the name of the company and just a few elements have been changed. We offer assistance to students and alumni in all steps of their application processes.

You can find tips on how to prepare a successful application and other information related to the application process, such as how to:

Prepare the application

Interpreting Job Advertisements

Reading and understanding job advertisements is not as easy as it might seem. This page is currently only available in German.

Interpreting Job Advertisements: Read More

Initiative Job Application

For those who do not want to wait for the perfect job advertisement you have the option to seize the initiative and create your own initiative job application.

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Write the CV and cover letter

Make a To Do List for Job Applications

In order to create an excellent job application, it is useful to remember a few key points.

Make a To Do List for Job Applications: Read More

Cover Letter

In this document you can write short and direct sentences which embellish you most important qualifications that fit the job of your choice.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

In this document you can list your previous working and education experience along with special skills and talents that can help you qualify for the job.

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Present the best version of yourself

Job Interview

After a successful application comes the next step, the job interview. Now you "just" have to overcome this to get your dream job.

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Assessment Center

Assessment Centers are specialized job interviews designed to test your individual capabilities.

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Other important information

Desired Salary

When should I mention my preferred salary? Why is a preferred salary even mentioned in job advertisements? What factors contribute to determining what constitutes a proper salary?

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What kind of scholarship could I potentially be eligible for?

Scholarships: Read More

Soft Skills

Soft Skills play a major role in applying for jobs - but how much is too much?

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Application portals

It is becoming increasingly more common that employers have their own online job portals for applicants to submit their job applications. How do you use these portals?

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