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  • Archives
    (state archives, federal archives, municipal archives, church archives, archives from scientific institutions, media archives such as newspaper archives, private archives, companies and institutions with their own archives, etc.)
  • Documentation
    (museums, literary archives)

Here you can find  regional examples of archives that award internships.

  • Evaluation and indexing of records
  • Provision for use, advice to users
  • Publication of the results of the work and their presentation
  • Often there is also public relations work

Work as a
student assistant in a government archive, corporate archive, or library
Intern:in in archives or more generally in documentation.

Career Entry Requirements
A clerkship/traineeship in archives and a doctorate are becoming common entry criteria. (Not mandatory, but recommended)

In corporate archives or media archives, entry requirements can vary widely. Explicit knowledge of the subject area is almost always a requirement.
Prior knowledge of common software and research tools in practical use is inevitable.

There is a special training path via the Marburg School of Archives.

In addition to the trained archivist for the higher civil service, there are positions in organizations, institutions and companies that encompass parts of the archivist:s area of responsibility. Librarianship and documentation are also very closely related.