Minimum Wage

The statutory minimum wage has been in force in Germany since 2015. Since 01.10.2022 it amounts to 12 Euro/hour.

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has produced a brochure specifically on the minimum wage for students.

For students and graduates in the transitional phase between study and work, the effects on part-time jobs, internships and traineeships are particularly relevant.

  • Part-time jobs (including mini-jobs) for adults are generally covered by the minimum wage.
  • Voluntary work/trainee positions are not defined and protected by law as terms. They therefore do not appear in the law. In individual cases, it must be checked whether an employment relationship or training relationship in accordance with the Vocational Training Act exists that is subject to the minimum wage.
  • Internships are also covered by the minimum wage, but there are several exceptions. For example, compulsory university internships are exempt, as are study-related internships of up to three months in length and orientation internships of up to three months in length that are completed before or during studies.

What exactly does the law say?

Here you can find the text of the law. The provisions on the internship are regulated in §22.

When does the minimum wage for interns take effect?

Via this link you can find out directly on the website of the Federal Ministry whether your internship is subject to minimum wage.

Where can specific questions be asked?

The Federal Ministry has set up a service hotline for specific questions.

What does the minimum wage mean in concrete terms?

For a 40-hour position/week, the minimum wage of 12 euros means a gross monthly salary of 2,080 euros.
For comparison: in the public sector, the average monthly salary for career starters with a bachelor's degree (salary grades E 9/E 10/E11, step 1) is around 3,190/3,570/3,700 euros and for master's degree holders (E 13, step 1) around 4,270 euros.

The Ministry provides a minimum wage calculator.

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