Preventive information for healthy working

Employees should be involved and advised in the design of their workplace in order to create a healthy working environment. In this sense, the workplace is by no means just the technical equipment, but the entire psychosocial working environment - from the office chair to the activity and the cooperation context through to the work-life balance.

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If you find yourself in a situation in which you need acute support, you will find a list of various agencies and offers here:

Occupational health and safety (safety, first aid, accident reports)

Information on occupational safety
The fields of occupational health and safety, health promotion and environmental protection are an important building block for strengthening our skills and for the benefit of our employees and students. Understanding and acceptance of safety and health-conscious behavior among employees in the various task and functional areas is a key to sustainable improvement. This involves both physical and mental aspects of health.
With our range of information on occupational safety, we would like to offer you the help and resources you need to set up safe and healthy workplaces and provide you with contact details.

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Safety-related support

Occupational safety specialists have the task of supporting the employer in occupational safety and accident prevention in all matters relating to occupational safety, including the humane design of work. They have special expertise in this area.

Safety on campus

Who are the contact persons, which emergency numbers are important, how can I ensure my own safety or do you have suggestions for improving campus safety?

Equality, family, compatibility (disability, counseling, accessibility)

The Women's Representative and the Women's and Equal Opportunities Office offer support and information for women in the event of gender-specific disadvantages.

The Family Welcome and Dual Career Service offers support and advice on reconciling family and career.

To ensure that employees and students at the University of Kassel can study and work successfully with children, the University of Kassel offers various childcare options as part of the family-friendly university.

The Women's and Equal Opportunities Office is also the point of contact in cases of sexualized violence.

Information on caring for family members and corresponding counseling services in and around Kassel.

Representative body for severely disabled persons

The team at the local representative body for the disabled work to integrate disabled people, take care of prevention and ensure that colleagues work together. They have been working together constructively for many years and have mostly been successful.

Advice and information on disability

The team of the local representative body for the disabled works for the integration of disabled people, takes care of prevention and ensures movement in collegial cooperation.

Accessibility on the web

The principle of accessibility aims to ensure that not only people with disabilities, but also older people and people with small children, for example, can use buildings and information technology freely.

Health (company doctor, mental illnesses)

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Mental health in the workplace

Facts and figures on the topic of mental illness, best practice examples, work aids and self-assessment tests

Company doctor

The main focus of the company doctor's work is to provide advice on health protection in the workplace and health promotion. The range of services includes preventive medical check-ups and workplace inspections, as well as individual advice on personal concerns in connection with the workplace, maternity protection issues or reintegration, rehabilitation, after a long period of sick leave or in the event of permanent restrictions affecting the ability to work.
The work of company doctors is of course subject to confidentiality.

Workplace (mobile working, staff council, workplace glasses)