There is a diverse array of financial assistance opportunities for both students and graduates. Scholarships are not only for overachievers but are also available for those in a variety of situations, phases, and fields.

Why are schol­ar­ships worth­while?

Scholarships can be helpful even outside of their financial side. Scholarships are useful for:

•    Building networks
•    Making your job application more attractive for future employers

Scholarship providers can vary widely, spanning a huge range from government agencies with their funding programs to gifted programs to foundations and corporations.

Sup­port from the Uni­versity of Kas­sel

There are many groups on the University of Kassel that are able to provide you with further information and assistance in finding the right scholarship for you.

Tip: Even though the links are in German, feel free to contact the individuals with questions in English. They will be glad to provide you with assistance in English.