Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Master)

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Mental disorders usually have complex causes. Clinical psychology aims to understand such mental problems and their development and maintenance at a high scientific level.

Psychotherapy provides methods for treating these complex phenomena. The research-oriented Master's program at the University of Kassel offers students who aspire to work in clinical therapy and/or counseling an optimal preparation for their future profession.

The guiding idea of the Master's program in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy is the integrative teaching of procedure-specific and cross-procedural disorder and intervention models. This is combined with in-depth training in clinical psychological research methods. The goal of the program is to provide in-depth mastery of the complex field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy. The master's program is designed for four semesters and is divided into the content areas: Diagnostics/Disorders, Intervention/Therapy, Research, and Interdisciplinary Topics.

Psychotherapists Act and Approbation Regulations

This Master's degree program complies with the requirements of the new Psychotherapists Act (PsychThG) and the Licensing Regulations for Psychotherapists (PsychThApprO) of 2020.

In accordance with Section 9 (4) sentence 5 of the Psychotherapists Act (PsychThG) and the subject examination regulations of 15.07.2020, admission to the Master's degree program requires either

  • a Bachelor's degree for which compliance with the professional requirements has been established or
  • an equivalent degree whose learning outcomes meet the requirements of the PsychThG and the licensing regulations for psychotherapists (PsychThApprO).

In principle, only study and examination achievements (including practical work experience) that have been completed within the degree program can be taken into account when assessing equivalence. The study and examination regulations, module handbook, transcript of records and degree certificate are decisive for this. Achievements that were completed during the course of study but are not part of the curriculum are not part of the prescribed course of study in accordance with § 9 PsychThG and cannot be taken into account in the examination.

Notwithstanding this, study and examination achievements that were completed outside the degree program can be taken into account as an exception if the degree program was started by the winter semester 2020/2021 at the latest and the achievements were completed during the degree program at the same university.

At a glance

Degree: Master of Science

Start: Winter semester

Language of instruction: German

Duration/Scope: 4 semesters

Admission restriction (NC): Yes

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in psychology or at least an equivalent degree with a standard period of study of at least six semesters
  • English language skills at the level B2 (CEFR)

Applicants with certificates obtained in Germany can improve their grade for the admission procedure by 0.3 points. You can find a summary of the requirements for this under the frequently asked questions:

Application with German certificates

Application deadline

annually 01.06. - 15.07.

You apply for this degree program via our online application portal "eCampus".

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Application with foreign certificates

Application deadline

with foreign certificates:
annually 01.03. - 15.07.

If you are not yet studying at the University of Kassel or another university in Germany, but have obtained a first professional Bachelor's degree abroad, you must apply via the central assessment office in Berlin, uni-assist.

How do I apply with a foreign certificate?

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