Dual study Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration

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Study or training? Both are possible!

The public service offers more than you might think: As a dual student civil servant in the higher non-technical service, the degree program "Public Administration" opens up a wide range of perspectives with a lot of practical relevance and promising career opportunities for you.

What does a Dual Student Bachelor - Public Administration do at the University of Kassel?

During the practical phases of the dual study program for a Bachelor of Public Administration, you will be assigned to various departments such as the Human Resources and Organization Department, the Study and Teaching Department, and the Finance Department.

You will work on personnel cases, handle student matters from admission to enrollment to de-registration, and learn a lot about university taxation and accounts receivable and payable. You will be directly involved in many work processes and work in a service-oriented manner.

When does the Dual Bachelor's Program in Public Administration at the University of Kassel start and where does it take place?

The study program begins on 01.09. of a year and takes place in various departments such as the Human Resources and Organization Department, the Study and Teaching Department and the Finance Department.
The course content is taught by the Hessian University of Public Management and Safety (HöMS), Kassel department.

At the time of starting your studies, you should have completed your entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, general university entrance qualification or an educational level recognized as equivalent by higher education law. Your strengths should lie in the areas of German and mathematics.

Your nationality should be German or that of a member state of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. You must not be more than 40 years old at the start of your training (exceptions apply in accordance with the German Soldiers' Pensions Act).

During the practical phases, you will be assigned to departments of the university administration that participate in flexible working hours, i.e. you can determine the start and end of your daily working hours yourself within the framework of the applicable pre- and post-flexitime hours and the applicable core working hours. Note, however, that it makes sense for you to be present even when your instructor is also on site.

The Bachelor of Arts - Public Administration program lasts three years (6 semesters). It consists of theoretical study sections at the Hessian University of Applied Sciences for Public Management and Security, Department Kassel, and practical study sections in the university administration.

The Public Administration degree program is modular. The 15 modules with a total of 180 credits each conclude with an examination. Examinations take the form of written examinations, presentations, term papers, oral examinations and practical reports.

From the second to the fifth semester, the theoretical study sections are interlinked with practical studies (internships) totaling one year. In the elective modules of the fifth semester, specializations can be formed from the fields of "law and social security" "social affairs, economics, politics and administrative informatics".

In the sixth semester, a scientific thesis is to be written in which a practical problem from a field of work is dealt with. The development of the thesis is interlocked with an internship. After submission of the thesis, the program offers an internship up to the colloquium (oral examination of the thesis), which is accompanied by elective modules.

The dual bachelor's degree program in Public Administration is interdisciplinary and provides students with comprehensive basic knowledge in administrative science disciplines such as political science, sociology, law and economics. Through various electives, you can set your own focus and adapt the study content to your personal interests. The content of the program is strongly oriented towards professional practice, so you can put your theoretical knowledge into practice right from the start. This makes it easier for you to start your career.

During the entire period of study, you will be a civil servant with a revocable appointment and will receive a candidate's salary in accordance with the Hessian Salary Act. In addition to a basic amount, a family allowance may be paid - depending on your marital status - and there are also capital-forming benefits and private health insurance subsidies.

Dual students must be able to work carefully and accurately, need analytical skills, for example when they have to prepare evaluations or understand facts, and they should be willing to learn. Reliability, commitment, sociability, a sense of responsibility, diligence and discretion, as well as PC skills, are also welcome qualities in this profession.

Ms. Loreck, dual student of Public Administration at the University of Kassel in interview

What do you cover in your dual study program?

The content of the program is very varied due to the alternating practical and theoretical phases. In the theoretical phases, you learn about a wide variety of legal areas at the Hessian University of Public Management and Security in Kassel.

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Ms. Loreck in conversation

This includes, for example, administrative law, private law, social law or municipal law. Topics such as business administration and economics, sociology or empirical social research are also learned.
During the practical phases at the University of Kassel, students gain insight into the various departments and can apply their theoretical knowledge there. Furthermore, you have contact with the employees as well as the students and thus learn social skills.

Why did you decide on a dual study program and  this one in particular?

After completing my training as an administrative assistant, I wanted to continue my professional development. Since the contents of the training and the dual study program are similar, I already knew what kind of challenge I was getting myself into. In addition, the dual study program offers good opportunities for the future as well as professional security.

What would you like to pass on to others?

If you enjoy administration, dealing with people and working in a law-oriented manner, then the dual study program is just right for you. Whether as a career changer, building on an apprenticeship or directly after graduating from school, the degree program offers everyone a good opportunity for a secure, family-oriented and exciting professional life.

Ask yourself beforehand if you ...

  • like structure, organization and rules.
  • like to work independently.
  • are not afraid of legal texts.

Or if you ...

  • don't like making phone calls and giving advice.
  • are more of a free spirit.
  • are already overwhelmed when filling out forms.