Summer semester 2008

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences of the University of Kassel honored its graduates on July 4, 2008. 48 students graduated in the summer semester 2008. The award winners were:

  • Gustav-Hacker Award: Anna von Laer, Monika Dittmann, Julia Jawtusch
  • Best Master's Degree (University Association): Martina Behrens
  • best non-European thesis: James Thompsen
Name, first nameThesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Alletsee, OliverFarm dairy branch accountingMöllerPloeger
Farmer, BenjaminCultivation, morphology and utilization of Reynoutria HOUTTStülpnagelGraß
Bernholt, HannahPlant diversity of fences in urban and periurban gardens of Niamey, NigerGebauerBürkert
Blumenstein, BenjaminLabor economics survey of working horse use as a calculation basis for production planningMöllerHensel
Herzer, Julia BettinaThe choice of daytime resting places by hares (Lepus europaens Pallas 1778) in relation to agricultural use and landscape structureSauckeLong, Johannes
Karstedt, Jensnot publicHenselBald
Latzko, Tobiasnot publicWachendorfGrass
Lotzgeselle, NicoFuture orientation of a dairy farm in a typical low mountain region under consideration of the farm branch evaluationMöllerPupil
Mahlmann, AnneEconomic strategies in organic farming - An empirical study in the district of Göttingen on values, guiding principles and principles of organic farmersJürgensSchüler
Bernhard von MinckwitzIntegration of a biogas plant into an organic arable farm with a large bakeryMöllerGraß
Pereira, Cesane FaustinoThe ecological state and the lost unity - an epistemological approachFremereyBaars
Pouch, Friederike VanessaWhat risks and reservations exist for and among consumers regarding the consumption of preferential milk? For what reasons is preferential milk consumed or not consumed?BaarsPoppinga
Rosario, Sergio Miguel FrancoThe dilemma of association-political adjustment processes using the example of the Bioland associationHenschkePupils
Rosenfeld, SimonThe beginning of domestication and cultivation of plants in Central AmericaHammerTroßbach
Schmidt, Ann-KathrinEffects of access to an outdoor coulter room or to the open air on the performance and condition of laying hensKepplerHeß
Seckler, Ralphnot publicWachendorfGrass
Spenner, Mario Andreasnot publicMiddle roadPupil
Webler, Karolinenot publicHammMöller
Wolanski, PeterSupply of Human Capital to Ethiopia's Farm Sector - A case study of Haramaya University and its surrounding farming communitiesKnerrJudge/Cassa

Name, first name

Thesis1. supervisor2nd supervisor
Brinkmann, MarcusBranch accounting of the farm bread and chicken processing branches of the Struwe organic grocery store in Werl, GermanyMöllerKrutzinna
David, KatharinaOn the practical handling of regional brandsCockPoppinga
Duffner, AndreasN2o and Co2 emissions of a sandy arable soil: influence of long fertilization history as well as current fertilizer applicationLudwigFlessa
Gottschalk, DavidFarm diversification and optimization in organic poultry farmingMöllerKeppler
Hausschild, BirteOrganic high performance dairy goat husbandryRahmannKrutzinna
Jawtusch, JuliaPossible effects of the amended third country import regulation of the EU organic regulation (EC) No. 834/2007Seuring-StellaHenschke
Mammel, LutzThe transformation of the agricultural sector since 1991 and the development of organic agricultureShepherdTrossbach
Meidlinger, ShadeeJobs for people with disabilities in dairy farmsvan ElsenKrutzinna
Pauli, SaskiaShort grass pasture in the alpine foothills and inner alpine locationsKrutzinnaPoppinga
Rabah, NadjaComparison of different recommendations for the dimensioning of cubicles in dairy cattle cubiclesKnierimSimantke
Judge, Henrichnot publicMöllerWerner
Röber, FriedemannAbout the yields of tomatoes in organic open field cultivation in Schönhagen 2007PupilHorneburg
Scheerer, Sabrinanot publicMittelstrassPupils
Scheper, CarstenThe biodynamic horn preparations. Possible pathways of action based on scientific results. A contribution to theory buildingBaarsDr. Raupp (IBDF Darmstadt)
Schütte, JaninaLandownership as an Issue of Agrarian Reforms in East Elbian Prussia and of Economic Conflicts in the 19th Century with Special Reference to the Land Reform MovementTrossbachShepherd
Von Laer, AnnaSuitability of seed-resistant Brussels sprouts for self-sufficiency cultivationQuirin WemberHammer

Name, first name


1. supervisor

2nd supervisor

Heid, AstridConsumer perception of organic and low-input food - measured by consumer choice experimentsHammPloeger
Kuschnereit, SaraChemical and energetic characterization of press cake from silages of extensified grassland with regard to thermal utilizationWachendorfGrass
Seidl, FriederRegional Strategies for Decentralized Energy Production - The Example of Bioregios in HesseHahnePoppinga
Wendt, Paul OskarOrganic Agriculture in BulgariaFremereyMöller