Summer semester 2014

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The Department of Ecological Agricultural Sciences honored its Aboslvent:innen on July 18, 2014. 80 students graduated in the summer semester 2014. Awardees:in were:

  • Best Bachelor of Organic Agriculture (Hacker Foundation): Franziska Selsam
  • Best Bachelor Ecological Agriculture (University Association): Johannes Köhler
  • Best non-European Bachelor thesis ecological agriculture (University Association): Phillip Seifert
  • Best Master International Food Business and Consumer Studies (Sustainable Landuse + Food Culture Association): Sandeed Nehe
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Dietzel, Ulfnot publicMöllerBiewer, S.
Sauer, Mirjanot publicSummerKrutzinna
Name, first nameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Brandt, JannekeThe employment of the insane in agriculture - analysis of the historical role of agriculture in insane asylumsVan ElsenTroßbach
Fernengel, AnkeFeeding sprouted wheat to laying hens on a practical farm to ensure a 100% organic rationKnierimZollitsch
Glüer, JakobScenarios for the start-up of small dairy farms with farm dairiesMöllerVieth
Ruigrok, TiesThe influence of different swathing techniques on the drying process of round hay bales in a hay drying systemBeanKrutzinna
Sandcooler, MareiThe farm kindergarten potentials of action pedagogical practical examplesVan ElsenIvemeyer
Sixel, HannesImportant influencing factors in the development of lameness in dairy cows on organic farmsSelleKnierim
Tackmann, SteffenCold tolerance and juvenile development of various soybean genotypes (Glycine max) under extreme early sowing conditionsGronleHorneburg
Born, Lisanot publicIvemeyerWerner
Dennenmoser, DominicSpecies spectrum and infestation frequency of Fusarium in winter wheat in dependence of previous crop and compost application (group work)FinckhBackes
Dröge, Nimue LinaEcological school gardens - concept for introductory events for 5th - 6th grade studentsHethkeVon Fragstein
Eder, Klara DorotheaAssessment of the economic parameters of killing cattle by bullet shooting on pasturelandHenselSiegmeier
Fischer, RachelEarly modern ox trade in Central EuropeTroßbachMöller
Förste, KonradLong-term compost application in agriculture - effects on C-enrichment and microbiological  properties of soilsJörgensenBruns
Gambach, Michaelnot publicKrutzinnaMöller
Grabow, Ina IsabellaEffects of different management systems on vegetation and yield performance of selected extensive grassland areas of the PROGRASS project in the Vogelsberg region of GermanyBühleFricke
Gronmeyer, ThomasThe conservation value of the original Allgäu brown cattleKingPinent
Hezel, Dennisnot publicKnierimKeppler
Hieronymus, ChristinaSpecies spectrum and infestation frequency of Fusarium in winter wheat in dependence of previous crop and compost application (group work)FinckhBackes
Kaufmann, SusanneSolidarity-based agriculture in connection with direct marketingVan ElsenKraiss, K.
Kirsten, JohannaInvestigation on inbreeding and kinship in a Simmental herd as a basis for the implementation of the family breeding programKingBrügemann
Klockmann, Hannesnot publicVan ElsenMöller
Klopfer, JulianPerspectives of action pedagogy through cooperation of two schools with the  Hornhardt demeter farmsVan ElsenMittelstrass
Kreikenbohm, ChristianOrganic carrot cultivation on erosion-prone agricultural land in Lower SaxonyHeßMöller
Leineßer, Björn ArminDegradation dynamics of organic ingredients of corn and sunflower silage of different harvest dates during anaerobic pre-fermentationWachendorfBühle
Lexis, MelinaImpact of the integration of a biogas plant on arable farming and soil fertility of an organic farm using the example of AntoniushofGrassBlumenstein
Lübbers, Zindzi ZoeUrban-rural migrants in urban agriculture in Mumbai - What is the role of agricultural mechanization in rural migration in northern India?KnerrTroßbach
Lukas, KathrinInvestigation on the regulation of Plasmopara viticola by the targeted use of potential copper substitutesFinckhHohmann
Merkel, Andreasnot publicPethUteau-Puschmann
Wet, ManuelDiscussion of the question of the necessity of an own beekeeping for the ecological beekeepingKingPinent
Rapp, CharlotteFrom nomads to settlers-changes in lifestyle and flock management of the Bedouins in Israel, focused on the NegevBadHülsebusch
Schaad, FelixPhytoremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metalsLudwigJörgensen
Theisgen, LeonardPotential of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens as biocontrol agent in organic agricultureJörgensenLukas
Todtmann, BenjaminEstablishment of the nursery at Hof zur HellenKrutzinnaWedemeyer
Warschburger, Inanot publicIvemeyerKnierim
Wefers, MaxCharacterization of pasture farms as a basis for breed comparison for animal health and welfare traitsKingBrügemann
Weiss, DavidCommunicating scientific knowledge through the medium of comicsBürkertKastrup, Jochen
Wollermann, FionaAgricultural collectives at the time of the Spanish Civil War and todayTroßbachKrikser
Beilschmidt, ConnyFarm start-up in Eastern Thuringia at an existing farm site and consideration of the economic viability of the 'wide row' system and copper treatment in potato productionViethMöller
Fox, MichaelRearing of shrimps (Litopenaeus vannamei) in closed recirculation systems using waste heat, from electricity generation with biogas plantsHenselHörstegen-Schwark
Gerstner, VictorInfluence of conservation tillage and compost fertilization on different live mulches, catch crops and the weed flora in the OSCAR field trial at the University of Kassel/WitzenhausenFinckhBruns
Geßner, ChristineInvestigations on the influence of the field bean weevil (Bruchus rufimanus) on disease susceptibility in tannin-containing and tannin-free field bean seeds (Vicia fabae)SauckeGronle
Hoffmann, CarlottaInvestigation of selected phosphorus recovery processes -Where is the potential for organic farming?HeßKaiser
Kilian, Davidnot publicHammMühlrath
Klinghammer, KyrillaFarm development planning of the organic farm Schröder on HarriersandKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Köhler, JohannesStatus quo of the weed seed bank at the beginning of a long-term experiment comparing two tillage systems  in two tillage depthsFinckhHofmann, H.
Konrad, Peternot publicMöllerKrutzinna
Meyer, JanPossibilities and profitability  of year-round organic onion supply using the example of Remlinger Rüben GbRMöllerKrutzinna
Reymann, AnkeCultivation planning in solidarity agriculture - the development of a demand-oriented orientation of vegetable supplySiegmeierZander
Schererz, JakobRegional potting soil based on compost - Experiments on organic fertilization and peat substitutionBrunsHeß
Schröder, MarijkeFarm development planning of the organic farm Schröder on HarriersandKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Seifert, Jan PhilippThe use of leaves of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica A.Juss) as an anthelmintic for pigs in low-input systems of Yucatan PoorHülsebusch
Selsam, FranziskaModel calculations for the integration of a biogas plant on organic farms - presentation of possible on-farm performances and their effect on the profitability of the whole farmBlumensteinGrass
Stulz, Philipp AmandIntroduction and spread of the potato in Europe in the  16th and 17th centuryTroßbachBackes
Thienel, MarieDetection and prevention of feather pecking and cannibalism in laying hens - evaluation and further development of the design of recommendations for practitionersKepplerKnierim
Bird, JuliaConcept for the production and processing of high quality sheep meat to ecological and regional specialties using the example of a sheep flock of 30 dams in northern HesseKahlHensel
Name, first nameSubjectSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Behrendt, Stephannot publicBürkertTo the field
Bernhardt, TheresaSociocultural motives of legume cultivation & Possibilities of their embedding in the concept of ecosystem services Heß/GronleHaase
Ehls, JonasConditions for success in urban agricultureKrikserMöller
Kraus, Sina-Mareikenot publicMöllerZander
Schmid, JaninaLegume cultivation in practice - obstacles and potentials for cultivation and further use from the farmers' perspectiveGrass/GronleHaase
Thorn, KatharinaEffect of natriumpropionate and a combination of natriumpropionate with herbal extracts on short term development of subclinical ketosisSundrumWalkenhorst (FIBL)
Sternitzke, VeraAnimal welfare problems in horse husbandry Possibilities for deriving animal-oriented measures of welfareKnierimPinent
Dülks, AndréSuitability of percolation hoses for subsurface irrigation with the alternative water resource wastewaterHenselFrechen (FB14 Kassel)
Name, first nameSubjectSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Eloke, Jerrynot publicPloegerSchlebusch
Gensel, Steffinot publicJanssen, JohannZeuner
Heße, Katjanot publicHampshire/FretterJanssen
Jimenez, Marianot publicBirringerFreytag-Leyer
Mirjamali, Taherehnot publicPloegerTroßbach
Müller, Veroniquenot publicFreytag-LeyerPakula
Nehe, SandeepConsumer responsiveness and purchasing behavior towards sustainability brands in India-MumbaiFreytag-LeyerTroßbach
Nguyen, Thi Thuy MinhSentiment Analysis for Blogs: Measuring Consumer Sentiment toward Fast-Casual Restaurants in the United StatesHammFreytag-Leyer
Schreiber, Monanot publicJanssenMrs. Hasberg
Talimi, ParvenConstruction and implementation of the new plan food defense standards. Case of Study is 'Mayka Naturbackwaren GmbH'.JanssenKampmann
Name, first nameSubjectSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Brandt, MoritzPea light seeding as an alternative N-fertilization strategy in organic apple productionHeßDr. U. Mayr
Name, first nameSubjectSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Ahlers, FraukeEuphorbia stenoclada: Occurence and use as a Fodder in South-Western MadagascarPoor
Anggraeni, DessyRice Price Volatility Measurement in Indonesia Using: Garch and Garch-X ApproachBruemmerTinoush Jamali
Campos, Rosa Analyzing the Business to Business Relationships in the Supply Management of Tropical Fruit from Central America. Exploratory Evidence from Dutch and German Fruit ImportersTheuvsenOtter
Pujiati, RiskaThe Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Commodity Trade FlowsBruemmerAmjad Masood
Cardona, ZimmermanPayment for Environmental Services for forest conservation in Peru: How indigenous farming communities benefit?Qaim, MartinEuler, Michael
Duong, Xuan LamThe contribution of a diversified farming system to household farm income: Evidence from rural households in VietnamQaim, MartinTheda Gödecke
Le, Thi HuongLong-term effect of recycled phosphorus fertilizers obtained from chemical and thermal processes on soil phosphorus availability and plant responseSteingrobeDittert
Sohrawardy, HossainThe response of short duration tropical legumes and maize to water stress: A glasshouse studyWhitbread, AnthonyWorbes, Martin
Sujarwo, Rakhma MelatiChoice of Marketing Channels by Small Traders: The Case of Rubber Traders in Jambi Province, IndonesiaBruemmerWollni