Summer semester 2021

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The Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences honored its graduates on July 20, 2021. 90 students graduated in the summer semester of 2021. The awardees:were:

  • Very Good BSc (Hacker Foundation): Simeon Leisch-Waskönig
  • Best non-European BSc thesis: Hannah Grund-Magomo
  • Very good MSc (University Association): Sophia Rabien
  • Very good MSc IFBC: Paula Kuchheuser

They have successfully completed their studies:

Name Thesis Supervisor 1 Supervisor 2
But, Andreas RolandSustainable adaptation strategies of school out-of-home catering in the Werra-Meißner district - A case study based scenario developmentKretschmerJahnke
Adam, AnnalenaIs animal husbandry in organic farming still necessary? Basics & Challenges of livestock-free and biodynamic organic agricultureHeßFritz
Anders, SönkeFootprint communication using the example of the CO² label - An option for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the food sector?ThielSchleyer
Aragon Hillemann, Celia AlbaChanging food culture in Mesoamerica after colonial times with case study of fermentation and other food preservation methodsv. RedeckerMetzger
Beitz, LarissaManagement of residues and contaminations by EU organic inspection bodiesHeßNeuendorff (GSR)
Bösch, ChristianSystem comparison. Dry fermentation or composting of organic residues on an organic arable farm using Sonnenhof as an exampleGraßBlumenstein
Boyny, Zsa Zsa FriederiqueAnalysis of the relationship between sensor and MLP dataHinrichsYoung
Brix, JanaConversion of conventional  fattening pig barns as barns for organic pig farming in the context of a farm conversion - an economic analysis using the case study  Hof BrixKrutzinnaIvemeyer
Datzko, JuliaCategorization of udder shapes and their effects on milkability for systematization of breeding decisions on a dairy goat farm in the Hochsauerland districtZippWagner
Erchinger, HeyeAnalysis of target relationships of measures to improve nutrient efficiency in organic farms - a cost accounting approachMöllerBlumenstein
Erlach, MichèleInfluence of smectite-containing clays on the water holding capacity of a peat-free balcony and container plant substratePethBruns
Ernst, JoanaMake it or by it: young plant cultivation in small organic vegetable farms - economic analysis of a case studyMöllerKretschmer
Field, FranziskaAgonistic interactions and  horn-related skin damage in horn-bearing dairy herds: a comparison of farms with conventional and automatic milking systemsEbinghausKnierim
Fuhrmeister, MathildaTherapeutic riding in Germany - a survey of therapy horses used, their husbandry and feedingKrischkeUta King of Borstel
Gauer, AlienaInvestigation of the validity, reliability and practicability of a distance bonitization  of animal-related indicators for the detection of feather pecking and cannibalism in laying hen farmsGiesekeKnierim
Gerdau, LukasSheep wool fertilizer pellets: comparison of the production scenarios "in-house production and contract pelletingMühlrathJahnke
Grund-Magomu , Hannah Sustainable intensification of integrated livestock production systems in the Sahel, West Africa RößlerBad
Haack, NicolasDesign of the field trial of the research project 'Sustainable land use systems - agroforestry'.GraßAthmann
Habichtsberg, JulianThe fiber nettle - previous use and potential for organic agricultureGrassFritz
Halverscheid, FranziskaThe peculiarities of the goose and its qualities as an animal of social agriculturevan ElsenIvemeyer
Hehmsoth, HeinerEconomic efficiency of mother-bound lamb rearing in organic dairy goat husbandry - a scenario comparisonRahmannMöller
Heinen, FriederikePotentials of social farming for the implementation of conservation measures - on the transferability of the approaches of two practical farmsvan ElsenPlieninger
Hexges, JonathanTo what extent is the type of crop management decisive for successful peanut cultivation in temperate regions?HorneburgHöing
Hillmer, LukasRecording and conception of process chains as a basis for the labor-economical analysis of on-farm, agricultural compostingMöllerBruns
Hoffmann, HendrikPossibilities and limits of cultivation of cultivated hazelnuts in Germany - especially in the Weserbergland regionAthmannGraß
Kirchheim, JonasComparison of automatic milking systems in barns for horn-bearing animals with pasture accessEbinghausIvemeyer
Kistner, LiisaDevelopment of an optimization program for the most profitable use of sexed semen in cattle breedingHinrichsClaas Heuser
Cook, NiklasLiterature work on the effects of pen structuring on animal welfare in fattening pigsGiesekeKnierim
Köpernik, FranziskaThe  importance of Bavarian eco-model regions for the sustainability transformation of communal food systems ThielGötz
Kluger, PaulinaLiterature work on the effects of space availability on animal welfare of rearing piglets and fattening pigsKnierimGieseke
Leisch-Waskönig, Simon Predators in oilseed rape - regulation of Psylliodes chrysocephala L. by generalist predators in an oilseed rape mulch cropping systemSauckeWinkler
Lepke, Mascha-KatharinaThoracic bone damage in laying hens of old breedsYoungHinrichs
Lück, SvenStudies on cobalt tolerance and cobalamin biosynthesis ability of fungi using Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Pleurotus eryngii and Lentinula edodes as examplesJörgensenKössler
Lückel, SarahThe influence of biological soil crusts on aggregate stability in the Brazilian CaatingaFieldPeth
Mackensen, AnsgarPersoektiven of the Lower Saxon bakery trade in the field of organic raw materials according to EU-ÖkoVO 2021KretschmerSchmidt, Christian
Neubauer, AnnaThe stock and selected general conditions of the attitude of today's workhorses in agriculture and horticulture Germany-wideKrischkeBlumenstein
Pfeifer, TobiasIs animal husbandry still necessary in organic agriculture? Basics & Challenges of livestock-free and biodynamic organic farmingHeßFritz
Pittius, Simon Johann LudwigComparison of manual measurements of stand height with height estimates using the SfM method by drones in grassland.AstorWachendorf
Poser, RichardComputer-assisted automation of a manual tractor transmission with part-load shift function for the purpose of handicap accessibility using the example of a Claas Atos 220HenselNasirahmadi
Preißler, SaskiaMulch cultivation systems in vegetable production - A comparison of different methods with regard to the potential for resource and climate protectionGrassKretschmer
Riesterer, Anna-SarahSoftware solutions for the management challenges of a subscription box farmMöllerZander
Rill, LeonardResilience of farms operating according to  permaculture principles, practitioners' perceptionsWolpertHupe
Romans, Doninik FabianInfluence of organic seed treatments against Tilletia caries (DC.) on germination and biomass development of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)FinckhWeedeon
Saidi, MeriemInnovative cooperation models between farms and workshops for people with disabilities using the example of two farmsvan ElsenRetkowski
Seifert, Anna JudithOrganic blueberry cultivation - status quo in Germany - a future perspective? Results from a survey of organic farms implemented in a technical articleKretschmerKrutzinna
Siebrecht, MarianneCompost use in bio-intensive 'no-dig' vegetable production and the new fertilizer regulationKretschmerBruns
Smago, MichaelThe European sweet chestnut in Germany - historical use and importanceWolpertGrass
Summer, Hannah SiphieEvaluation of the practicability of first approaches of regenerative potato cultivationYoungSiegmeier
Schick, Ann-KathrinData evaluation for the automatic recording of calf behavior by means of sensorsZippKulig
Schrammel, BarbaraAgronomic analysis of different soft and durum wheat varieties (Triticum aestivum L. and Triticul durum Desf.) in mixed cultivation with field bean (Vicia faba L.)FinckhWeedon
Schuchmann, JonasPossibilities of direct marketing for organic dairy farms in locations remote from the marketZanderMöller
Stone, JohannaPotentials  of syntropic agroforestry systems and the possibilities of cultivating hazelnuts and walnuts using the example of Hof Werragut in northern HesseGrassMeixner
Stock, WiebkeEconomic planning of a regionally and ecologically operating sideline oil mill in Schleswig-HolsteinKrutzinnaBiewer
Stoll, FranziskaIs the high price image for organic food justified? A price survey in Berlin of value-added and non-value-added food productsJahnkeMöller
Tanner, LaraInvestigation of the structural properties and microbial biomass of a loess soil from long-term conventional and biodynamic experimental farmingPethFliessbach (FIBL)
Thullner, SarahBees in species protection policy - Experiences and approaches of civil society actors to effective bee and species protection policyKöpkeThiel
Vogg, CorinnaInfluence of the cultivation of homorhizic and allorhizic intercrops on the water transport properties of an alluvial clay vegaUteau-PuschmannPeth
Voll, Wanja FelixComparison of morphological panicle characteristics of hybrid and population maize and their potential contribution to bee nutrition in agricultural landscapesHorneburgSaucke
Wendel, JonasUrban edible mushroom productionMühlrathBiewer
Wolf, ConstantinInfluence of feeding vetch on weight development and animal welfare in dual-purpose hensGiesekeKrieger
Zacharias, ShamallaRecording of sternum damage in laying hensYoungPetow
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Aumer, WolfgangThermal modeling of the seasonal thaw layer in alpine permafrost, Kitzsteinhorn, HoheTauern, AustriaPethUteau-Puschmann
Beck, ThomasAlternative cultivation methods in the two-crop system and their effects on the maize standGrassWachendorf
Bender, SarahEffect of transfer mulch on the transmission of potato viruses PVY and PLRV by aphidsHenselKichner
Bohling, Lucynot publicvan ElsenHerzig
Cropp, Jan-HendrikNo-till and direct planting systems in organic crop productionJörgensenGraß
Cuvelier, AlineThe Gardeniser Pro training course for urban garden organizers: continuation and perspectives in Germanyvan ElsenNew
Graef, Hannah  ArwenEffect of Gliricidia sepium on resource use efficiency and maize grain yield: Statistical analysisLudwigWiehle
Hüttmann, LenaGuideline for the establishment of an agroforestry model region HessenWolpertGraß
Jacobi, LenaChange in German animal welfare policy? An Analysis in the Context of the Discussion on the Recommendations of the Competence Network Farm Animal HusbandryKöpkeThiel
Kleinlein, AndreasGenomic population analyses of different cattle breedsHinrichsYoung
Maier, SebastianFrom farm to table - the role of narratives in European agricultural and food policyThielGötz
Meder, AliciaEstimation of genomic population parameters in the Angler saddleback pigOlschewskyHinrichs
Möller, Morten Investigation of the economic  effects of the reduction of foreign substances in the biowaste of the region 'Werra-Meißner-Kreis'.HornHerzig
Ossenbrink, RonjaEvaluation of advanced characterization methods of activated carbon for wastewater treatmentWachendorfKätzl
Quartz, AmelieSite-specific development of diverse populations of lentil (Lens culinaris L.)HorneburgBackes
Rabien, SophiaVisual framing in the discourse on genome editing in agricultureHerzigvan Elsen
Roosch, SvenjaEffect of soil organic carbon loss on microaggregate stability and structurePethFelde
Schneiders, AnikaConception of a socio-ecological project for the sustainable upgrading of rural areas in the Lüneburger Heidevan ElsenNew
Schneiders, KiraConception of a social-ecological project for the sustainable upgrading of the rural area in the Lüneburger Heidevan ElsenNew
Thiele, Lara ElenaThe potential of underutilized species to prevent micronutrient deficiencies in Northern GhanaHenselLelea
Voßkuhl, LenaDynamics  of the food spectrum of pollinating insects on calcareous grasslands over the course of vegetation under the influence of extensive sheep grazingWachendorfAljes (University of Kassel)
Yang, YiheCompetition for nitrogen uptake between plants and microorganisms in diurnal dynamicsGuninaLudwig
Yassein,  Reda Food waste at the household level in EgyptZanderKrikser
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Akalonu, Ugochi GeraldineSystems approaches for understanding agri-food entrepreneurship in Oyo State, Nigeria with a focus on Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (PM&E)LeleaHensel
Dehm, Sheena LynnSustainability Transitions in Public Food Service - a Living Lab Approaches to Green Procurement and the Planetary Health DietBusscherHagsphil
Gettmann, AnnalenaAnalysis of customer satisfaction exemplified by the product 'Hunger blocker' of the company 'House of Shape'.KüsterLopp
Hassan, Sabih UlRole of the hot-extrusion process in ice cream manufacturing and application of high concentrated whey proteinsBirringerMd Kamal Hossain
Hassan, WalidHotels and restaurants  related food waste causes and prevention  in Dhaka Metropolitan AreaKüsterPage
Kadiri, Matthew OshiomeghieThe role of smallholder farmers in dairy sector in GeorgiaPloegerAl Sidawi
Kuchheuser, PaulaPesticide residues in food in the European Union - Analysis of notifications in the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed in context of the regulatory framework and selected ris management measuresBirringerPichner
Leister, JohannaRegional marketing initiatives implemented through the LEADER approach - chances and limitationsZanderSiegmeier
Veeravalli, Sandeepnot publicQuadtFreytag-Leyer
Windaningrum, Laras SekarConsumer behaviour towards Fair Trade Food Products in IndonesiaZanderKrikser
Zaidi, Syeda Kiran Zehranot publicQuadtSexton
NameThesisSupervisor 1Supervisor 2
Aristizabal Galvis, Johanna AlejandraThe relationship between marketing capabilities, export marketing assistance and export performance: Roots and tubers exporters from Costa RicaProf. Wollni 
Bezler, Karin MarthaImpact of land use transformation from tropical lowland rainforest to oil palm plantations on the silicon release of phytolithsProf. Rötter 
Dahir, Abokor MohamedRangeland Degradation Effects of Livestock Production in Somaliland: A Systematic Review of Literature (2010 - 2020)Prof. SchlechtDr. Hülsebusch
Hayer, Silas SimeonOperationalization of institutional fit using transcation cost economics and meadow bird habitat dynamics in the case of two Dutch agri-environmental collectivesProf. Thiel 
Holz, FlorianThe influence of consumer confusion and knowledge about social labels on their purchase of fresh fruits in Germany Christoph Wiedenroth
Ibing, MaximilianTransformation of traditional livestock systems in Ladakh, IndiaProf. SchlechtProf. Bürkert
Karapaca, SahinDetermining the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Fodder Crops by Farmers in Ethiopia and KenyaProf. Schlecht 
Ketema, Michael WorkuProfitability of small-scale cocoa production in EcuadorProf. von Cramon-Taubadel 
Kuhn, MichaelaA Gendered Analysis of Small-Scale Cocoa Production in UgandaProf. Quaim 
Kwashie, Emmanuel HoustonAn Assessment of Aflatoxins Occurrence in Maize Based on Farmers' Awareness, Preventive Practices and Willingness to Adopt a New Technology in Ejura-Sekyedumase Municipality of Ashanti Region of GhanaProf. Xiaohoa YuLucie Maruejols
Lahijanian, SoheilaEvaluation of drought impact on wheat and maize production in global scaleProf. SiebertDr. Nouri
Langkutsch, AlexanderExplaining the EU non-renewal of the approval of chlorphyrifos(-methyl): A multiple streams approachProf. Thiel 
Moreno Uparela, Liceth PaolaRelevance of contextual and socio.psychological factors on smallholder farmers' perceptions and attitudes toward risks: Considerations for risks eliciation methodsProf. Mußhoff 
Numata, TomokoGlobal Mungbean value chain analysis for TajikistanDr. SchaperDr. Beber
Sadeghianfar, PouriaImpact of climate change and cultivar change on wheat phenologyProf. Siebert 
Shahjada, ZinatMycobacterium Avium subsp. paratuberculosis in a Naturally Infected German Fleckvieh BullProf. TetensDr. El Wahed
Vutcariov, AlinaDeterminants of organizational sturcture of the Dutch agri-environmental collectivesProf. Thiel